Governor Teds Right track is wrong. Plus deluge of new taxes

From House Republican Office

“I believe that Oregon’s economy is on the right track.”
(Gov. Ted Kulongoski quoted in Governor Optimistic About Economy, Sarah Skidmore, The Associated Press, 3/22/2008)

Oregon Index of Economic Indicators Continues Spiral
“The University of Oregon Index of Economic Indicators fell again in November to 89.6, based on a 1997 benchmark of 100. The decline from October was 0.5 percent. Compared to six months ago, the UO Index is down 7.9 percent.”
(Oregon’s Economy Continues Downturn, Portland Business Journal, 1/8/2009)
Unemployment Poised to Exceed 2001 Levels“Initial jobless claims spiked in November to a weekly average of almost 14,000, compared with the peak of 10,245 reached during the 2001 recession. Payrolls at employment services firms (largely temporary help agencies) fell for the fourth consecutive month and are down 8.6 percent, compared with year-ago levels. Total nonfarm payrolls “” which is not included in the UO Index “” indicate that firms shed 6,300 employees in November and 34,900 employees since February of 2008.

“The Oregon unemployment rate climbed to 8.1 percent, the highest since September 2003. The depth of the downturn in the Oregon labor market will almost certainly exceed that of the 2001 recession, Duy said.”
(Oregon’s Economy Continues Downturn, Portland Business Journal, 1/8/2009)

Despite Poor Economy and Rising Unemployment, Over a Dozen Proposed Tax and Fee Increases Proposed in First Week Alone

The House of Representatives will soon consider tax and fee increases on personal income, businesses and more. The following is a sample:

Tax/Fee Increases
HB 2043 Allows counties to pass vehicle registration fees without a vote of the people.
HB 2067 Sunsets tax credits for senior citizens and people with disabilities, and tax credits for early intervention services for disabled children, rural economic development, dependent care assistance, scholarships, long term care insurance and medical providers delivering rural health care, and more. The bill also sunsets the personal exemption credit, which would raise income taxes.

HB 2069 Cuts a tax credit that senior citizens may claim on their deductable medical expenses.
HB 2070 Raises taxes on businesses.
HB 2071 Imposes a new tax on people who buy and sell homes.
HB 2072 Imposes a new carbon-based fuel tax.
HB 2076 Imposes a new tax on health care providers.
HB 2077 Raises income taxes on Oregonians.
HB 2078 Raises income taxes on Oregonians.
HB 2116 Raises taxes on hospitals.
HB 2119 Raises taxes on businesses.
HB 2120 Raises taxes for a new transportation bureaucracy.
HB 2122 Raises taxes on tobacco products.
HB 2146 Authorizes new state fees for access to information on government web sites.
HB 2149 Raises registration fees on civil aircraft.
HB 2150 Raises pilot registration fees.
HB 2218 Extends surcharges on certain hunting and angling licenses.
HB 2222 Increases fees on specified angling and hunting licenses.