State Representative Bruce Hanna on budget shortfall

By Oregon House Republicans

SALEM””House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg) had the following to say regarding the shortfall in the 2007-09 budget:”The shortfall in the current budget is a product of the Legislature’s massive overspending in 2007. If Democrats had made the tough decisions and spent our tax dollars at sustainable levels, we would have avoided the painful cuts that are being proposed today.

“Oregonians can’t afford to send any more of their hard-earned dollars to Salem. That’s why the Legislature must proceed to balance the budget through appropriate agency reductions. We must prioritize these spending decisions and ensure that services to vulnerable Oregonians are spared as much as possible. House Republicans are not supportive of raiding the Rainy Day Fund or further increasing the state’s debt to balance this budget. Because the state’s economy shows little sign of bottoming out, we must continue to save money for the future.”