President Obama misled American people on Libya

Conservative super-PAC American Crossroads has a new video on how “President Obama misled the American people on Libya.”

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    This is a bigger deal than I think was initially realized. I think it took some time, because people at first may have thought “well hey wait, maybe Obama did say it was a terrorist attack” while watching the debates.

    By the next day though, I think most were probably of a mind that the president had just taken them for fools.

    This was an extreme miscalculation on the BO campaigns part. The American people heard loud and clear “it was people riled up by a video” for two weeks. It smacked of typical left wing “blame America first”

    Now it turns out that was all BS. Ok, that’s one thing. Incompetence was established by our ambassador being killed. Obama had nothing to lose by simply admitting he was totally wrong with the video story.

    Issue a “my bad” from the oval office and call it good.

    But no, Obama doubled down in the debate insisting he had been at the forefront asserting it was a terrorist attack and video? What video? Who ever said video? This was terrorism.

    This was a bald faced lie. It took a day or two, but people realized they were being taken for fools by Obama. Don’t pee on my leg and tell me its raining.

    It was a bad call by the administration. They compounded incompetance by lying. They are in serious trouble.

    • Judahlevi

      You are right that Obama lied and our ambassador died. Only die-hard partisans will believe that Obama always knew this was a planned terrorist attack. Right.

  • Judahlevi

    The “Blame America first” mentality of most liberals, Obama included, cannot compute a scenario where the blame is all on radical Islamists, not America. Obama wanted to believe it was an American film producer who caused the problems, not part of his Muslim family. This is why he was the last person in his administration to finally admit it was a planned terrorist attack.

    Obama’s comment during the debate was a lie. The man is too small to admit he and his administration made a mistake. His actions were clearly not “optimal” as if that word should ever be used when discussing the death of an American ambassador. The last time a US Ambassador was killed was on Carter’s watch. Obama/Carter – two peas in a pod.

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