Lars Larson on Bradwood Landing Jobs

Wouldn’t it be nice if Oregon got busy and had that LNG terminal built on the Columbia River?

I know I’ve been talking about that LNG terminal on the Columbia River, Bradwood Landing, for the past couple of years. Here’s why. I think the Northwest needs the natural gas. My proof of that is that the price of the stuff keeps going up and they could be importing it at a lower cost. If you don’t think they’ll import it at a lower cost, how are they going to sell it if it’s not the same or lower?

But, here’s the real reason right now. The Governor ought to get busy and push this thing through as quickly as possible. It has met every single requirement that the state and federal government has put in front of it.

And, for Oregonians, do you really know what it represents? $600 million in construction. $600 million in taxable value to Clatsop County. It means jobs. It means revenue. It means taxes for the state and local government. It means that an awful lot of Oregonians would be put to work right away, if they’d just get the project approved by the government.

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