Lars Larson on Bradwood Landing Jobs

Wouldn’t it be nice if Oregon got busy and had that LNG terminal built on the Columbia River?

I know I’ve been talking about that LNG terminal on the Columbia River, Bradwood Landing, for the past couple of years. Here’s why. I think the Northwest needs the natural gas. My proof of that is that the price of the stuff keeps going up and they could be importing it at a lower cost. If you don’t think they’ll import it at a lower cost, how are they going to sell it if it’s not the same or lower?

But, here’s the real reason right now. The Governor ought to get busy and push this thing through as quickly as possible. It has met every single requirement that the state and federal government has put in front of it.

And, for Oregonians, do you really know what it represents? $600 million in construction. $600 million in taxable value to Clatsop County. It means jobs. It means revenue. It means taxes for the state and local government. It means that an awful lot of Oregonians would be put to work right away, if they’d just get the project approved by the government.

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  • dian

    Yes, that’s all true but it just doesn’t fit in with Kulonoscopy’s vision for us. What an idiot he is.

  • Bono

    Talk about energy independence

  • David from Eugene

    Assuming that the $600 Million in Construction Costs results in a Real Market Value of $600 Million then, thanks to Measure 50, the actual Assessed Value (taxable value) would be only $358,200,000 if the property is zoned Commercial or $534 Million if the property is zoned Industrial.

  • Anonymous

    With Kulongoski stopping the terminal what will be the assessed value of the site?

    • David from Eugene

      The assessed value would be what ever it is currently. But then there would be no increase in the cost of providing governmental services to the parcel either, which would be the case if the LNG terminal was built.

      As to the merits of building a terminal at this location over the other two I do not have an opinion. Building a terminal at one of the locations is not a bad idea.

  • Jerry

    Energy is evil. Big companies are evil.

    Ted is doing the right thing to help save our state and our planet.

    I applaud his wisdom and courage.

    He is a brave, smart man.

  • Patrick Mcgee

    Northern Star Natural Gas’s Joe Desmond couldn’t have said it better Lars, my boy.

    Of course it’s just more of what the LNG Speculator/Pirate Industry, in small print in their hyped up literature, calls “Forward Reaching Statements” which basically means none of their hyped promises could happen at all.

    600 Jobs during the constructiion phase, all union of course, mostly alien to the community and not all at once for the duration of the project, just phased functions as the project progresses.

    $6,000,000 a year in property taxes, unless they plead for a 5 year deferment and then likely pay a pittance when it comes time to pay up or conveniently, through whatever collusion, set up an “Enterprise Zone”, all in Clatsop County which will be forced to live 24/7/365 at the hands and mercy of one private corporation with major impact on infrastructure and life quality from the mouth of the Columbia River to the BRadwood site some 20-plus miles upriver, both sides.

    Then 35-45 or 50-65 end jobs, no exact determination yet and I defy you to come up with a specific listing and requirements for those jobs and at this moment NSNG is not about to publish for anybody’s reading.

    Lars ain’t doing nothing but spouting from the LNG Industry play book.

    Before any of you blindly swallow this, you would be wise to research and learn about this costly and quickly becoming outdated technology, in some’s view.

    Remember LNG is not Natural Gas and as I hear it, Natural Gas is plentiful and accessible in the United States and will be for years to come.

    Did you recently read where Russia and the Ukraine recently pretty much shut down Natural Gas to most of Europe.

    And these clowns want to import Natural Gas in LNG form from these same nations, for one, to our shores?

    This is an issue in our state, Oregon, that you need to set your political affiliation and persuasion on the back burner as is now happening statewide.

  • Anonymous

    Obviouolsy, if the terminal is blocked by Kulongoski/Kroger the assessed value would be what ever it is currently.
    The POINT is also OBVIOUS that it is NOT SO MUCH. Very little.
    If built the revenue stream to local and state government would be millions.
    But then as you ignored this greater point to seem to subvert that fact by raising the notion of “increase in the cost of providing governmental services to the parcel” as if that is somehow meaningful. In context to the revenue increased by the built terminal it is not.
    So what was your point in raising that? I’m not even convinced there would be ANY increasing of the cost to provide “government services” to the site.
    Care make the case?
    And not just anecdotal speculation and supposing.

    Patrick, your hatchet job is the stuff running Oregon into the ground. None of you assertions are valid.

    There is a wide range benefits from this project for Oregonians.
    Just as there would be if M49 claims were fast tracked and the additional logging plans moved forward.

    Other obstructions by the enviro crowd seek to stop a new resort on Mt. Hood and perpetually delay the Columbia River crossing, sunrise corridor, I-5/99 connector, Dundee/Newberg and many other road expansion and maintenence work.

    You and yours are killing Oregon.

  • Patrick McGee

    Prove it “Anonym #8.

    Like I said, from NSNG/Bradwood, all we are getting is “Forward Reaching Statements” and anything I say at this point is just as valid.

    You know what those end jobs are going to be Anonym?

    Since you are so on top of what is fact and what isn’t by others, you list them for us why don’t you.

    Of course, maybe you don’t live on the Lower Columbia or your property is not in the path of the route of the Proposed Palomar Pipeline extensions NW Natural is, in collusion with Palomar, attempting to throw into the mix and shove down our throats as well.

    Once again, I suggest to anybody, do not listen to either side but, educate yourself and I can almost guarantee you that you will find that we do not want nor as some in the know suggest, need it at all as it is a very expensive and quickly obsolescing technology that by the time it is built will be surpassed by better and more technology.

    You and yours are killing Oregon you say?

    Can you prove the need for this very expensive and extremely volatile industry without a bunch of Industry BS and generalizations?

  • Anonymous


    Too much.
    Natural gas is hardly becoming obsolete. Far from it.
    And as the global warming fraud gets it’s full exposure the current expanding use of it will accelerate.
    Good. We have enormous domestic supplies as well.
    Nat gas could, and will likely be fueling many of our vehicles.

    Yes I can prove the need. The fact that the company is willing to pay $600 million plus the pipeline without any subsidy is proof enough. I don’t think they are doing so on a whim.

  • Patrick McGee

    Might want to try to comprehend what you read “Anonym #10.

    LNG transport and siting technology is being quickly outpaced to the point of its own obsolescence by new, more efficient and sustainable technology in some’s view.

    And such a community loving and benevolent company as NSNG?Bradwood wants you to believe is excited about those proposed Terminal Use Agreements based on a daily production guarantee of One Billion cubic feet production per day to start at approx $0.32 per MMBTU.

    Do the math and no, they are not doing it on a whim but for, as speculated, as massive profit as possible and where is it going?

    Once again, at this point “Forward Reaching Statements” or put more simply, just more smoke blown up your ass.

    Do you even know who, in Bradwood’s case who will pay for all the public safety and security costs to get those tankers upriver to Bradwood’s site 2.4 statistical trips a week to start and pretty much each trip’s going to shut that river down?

    You don’t know, nor does anybody else and I live in Astoria.

    Right now the assumption is that we, the citizens of Clatsop County, will to the tune of about $8,000,000 a year negating that big old boasted chunk of $6,000,000 in property tax revenue.

    So, that being the case NSNG/Bradwood is costing somebody an additional $2 Mil a year.

    You going to pay that Anonym #10?

  • patrick Mcgee

    By the way, I am fairly certain 1000 BTU of Natural Gas equals approx. One Cubic Foot of Natural Gas.