New Portland mayor admits to sex with intern

The Oregonian reported this afternoon that newly elected Mayor Sam Adams has admited to having sex with (a then) 18 year-old intern in 2005. Sam Adams admits that he lied to the press about it and asked the intern to do as well. The Willamette Week reports….

“I want to publicly acknowledge I made a mistake and apologize for it,” said Adams, who is in DC for the presidential inauguration tomorrow of Barack Obama. “In the past, I’ve characterized my relationship with Beau Breedlove as purely non-sexual and that is not true.” Adams said the relationship lasted for a couple of months in the summer of 2005. “I should have been honest at the time when this first surfaced in 2007. But I didn’t believe that given the way that rumors were being spread””about whether I had broken the law by having sex with a minor””that people would believe me.” Full story here.

Is this Neil Goldschmidt all over again? Why doesn’t the Oregonian credit Willamette Week with breaking the story out of courtesy?

  • anonymous 2

    Who is “Niel” Godschmidt and what is “Willemtee” Week?

    Beyond that…sex between consenting adults is not, or at least should not be our business.

    • anonymous

      it’s our business if he is lying, telling this kid to lie, and then releasing the truth the day before inauguration. Funny how that works…

  • Steve Plunk

    Nice to see he’s living up to the stereotype of gay men and scooping up the young boys. 18 may be adult but this is clearly unethical and the subsequent lies told by Adams shows even he knows it’s unethical. Now let’s see what comes of this.

  • anonymous

    Sex in the work place and then lying about it. Just goes to show that, for at least the next four years, Portlanders shouldn’t take anything from this gay caballero as the truth. Icky!

  • Bob Clark

    It’s not the sexual affairs Portlanders should be focused on. It’s the way things have been done on the sly for more than a decade with Adams’ role in city government. For instance, a year ago Adams tried to play around with his street tax proposal by forcing it by the rest of the Council in pieces so it couldn’t be easily petitioned by citizens. Then there was his election backroom shenigans where he hired private detectives to dig up dirt on Sho Dozono.

    But by the far the biggest thing in Portland city proper is the mortgaging of the future as cityhall continues to spend and add more chrome and gold to the pearly gates of down town. Portland’s debt level has been escalating at over twice the rate of inflation since early 2000. Every Portlander now owes indirectly over $8,000 in city debt of one kind or another. Just like the national housing crisis built on easy money, there is a big risk Portlanders’ complacency will come to a rude ending. If Metro loses power to keep outlying cities from competing with the city of Portland, and for one reason or another, the massive state and federal subsidies flowing to Portland proper stagnate or decline, the rude awakening will come even faster.

    Better to bring the financial house in order faster by recalling the three senior members of the Portland City Council, and putting the city’s credit cards away.

  • Tired of the Deceit

    Sam Adams calling his lie a “mistake” is accurate but it still just looks like a plain old lie to me. Truthful and Honesty are the qualities we need in our leaders. Sam didn’t deliver on those qualities. What else should we question? Rather what can we believe?
    Nice timing to admit it on the evening of Obama being sworn in. Hoping this story will just get buried in the news of the day. Maybe he can hire another reporter to cover for him.

  • Publius

    Of course we find out about this *after* the election.

    Of course.

  • John in Oregon

    Sorry to say. The Adams story has gone national. Just heard it on the national radio news.

    Looks like Nigel Jaquiss did it again.

    One has to wonder why the WW and Tribune keep scooping the 0.

  • Jerry

    They scoop the O because they actually have reporters on staff.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Last time I checked sex between any two people where at least of them was an elected Democrat was not to be considered a scandal worthy of investigating beyond a cursory glance.

  • frank in wilsonville

    He’s a Democrat, that should be a basis for a promotion. He’s qualified to be Governor now. “I did not have sex with that Boy”.

    • John from around

      Ah yes, we should expect that some sort of coercive sex with a minor or a staff underling is a privilege of position aroujnd Portland — Sam is just the latest after Police Chhief Derrick Foxworth, Sheriff Bernie Giusto, Mayor Neil Goldschmidt…and that’s just recent history.

      “Rose City”? Nah, it’s “Predator City.”

  • anon

    How can a “trusted official” be trusted when he’s a liar? Regardless of what lies they are, he’s just another suit and tie feeding the American people BS. Portland will not stand for this!

  • ID

    Not only is he lying, but we are paying him to lie to us.
    Then again, some of us Portlanders actually feel more comfortable hearing the lies from someone other than ourselves…especially the urbanites in Woodstock.