Open discussion on Presidential Inauguration

President Barack Obama has been sworn in President of the United States with millions in attendance. History has been made today and we tap our hats to our new president. Please feel free to comment on the speech, the celebration, the prayers, the music, the poetry, Dick Cheney’s wheelchair and the media.

  • davidg

    The speech? Bland and forgettable. I was expecting a crowd rouser, but it just never happened.

    The old guy who did the benediction was the treat of the day. The poet showed why poets don’t get much respect anymore.

    I think Obama missed a golden opportunity to get people excited about the future. There never will be such an audience again as he had today. Words can matter, but today’s words will have no impact. We will see if his actions can speak louder than his words.

    • Anonymous

      His speech was fantastic but I agree about the poet. That poem was not very good….

  • Anonymous

    I thought he was still campaigning to be president.

  • Reper

    Obama had the tough task of bringing everyone down to sober reality, the hype was making it impossible not only to achieve his plans but to get his message out.

  • dean

    I’ve only caught bits and pieces. I’m mainly struck by the sense of relief and pride expressed by African-Americans. A big day for the nation and world.

    I agree with Davidg that the poetry was flat, and Lowery’s benediction stole the show.

    I disagree in that I think Obama DID get people pumped up. I mean…most are already pumped up, and I think his words and delivery were more than sufficient to inject some needed energy into those of us who want to see and help create some serious movement on a lot of fronts.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    We will see how Obama will do, but the significance of the first black president, and what that speaks to in Americans judging people by the content of their character rather than the colour of their skin is something it would be hard for everyone not to at least take some pause over.

    Would that Rev. Lowery had considered that before being so loathsomely glib in the ineluctable racialism.

  • John Fairplay

    I was a little surprised by how short the President’s Inaugural speech seemed. I understand it was about 18 minutes, and it seemed short to me by “historical” standards. I thought it was fine, but I don’t see why he decided to take the shots at Bush. I expected a more conciliatory “post-partisan” speech, but maybe he’s giving up on that. He certainly doesn’t need to be non-partisan or even-handed given the majorities in Congress.

  • Anonymous

    The Speech – plagerized platitudes and cliches.

    The Beneditction – racist.

    • John in Oregon

      Posted as a reply here to avoid the spam below.

      With the inauguration yesterday I noticed two points. The first was not a surprise, the second however was, as it came from left field. That I will mention in a separate posting.

      As I listened to Obamas address I looked for that central kernel upon which Obamas ideas were built. That fulcrum for the lever, the pivot for the teeter-totter, the foundation from which Obama strives. The image upon which assumptions and world views are built

      I found that kernel though I doubt few noticed and none in the legacy media will remark. I found it here when Obama said;

      “And to those nations like ours that enjoy relative plenty, we say we can no longer afford indifference to suffering outside our borders; *nor can we consume the world’s resources without regard to effect.* For the world has changed, and we must change with it.”

      Ignoring that we, the people of the United States, have responded more than any to the tsunami, earthquakes, and pestilence than any other. Consider the source of the worlds resources, the worlds wealth.

      One view. wealth is taken from the earth. Wealth is limited, exploited, consumed.

      The other view is wealth is created by the endeavor of free people.

      The United States is 6 percent of the world population, uses about 25 percent of the world commodities, and controls some 40 percent of the worlds wealth.

      For many those facts mean the United States has an unjust share of the world wealth. That we are rich at the expense of others being poor. That is what Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believes. As does John Holdren appointed by Obama as science advisor. That is what Paul Ehrlich said in the Population Bomb.

      The USA cast as Prince Edward, its demands enforced by the Sheriff of Nottingham.

      BUT, what if? What if the Malthusian theory championed by Ehrlich, Pachauri, and Holdren is wrong. What if wealth is created by the endeavor of free people liberated from the leash of Government control?

      Then that would mean that the United States with less than 6 % of the worlds population and using less than one quarter of the commodities is producing something less than half the worlds wealth.

      One of these two world views, exploitation of limited wealth versus wealth creation by free people, one of these will be the foundation that will color the policies of Obama built upon that foundation.

      • Administrator

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    • John in Oregon

      My second observation from the inauguration requires some history.

      Marian Anderson was born in 1897 in South Philadelphia. At the age of six she sang in the Church Choir where her clear voice was praised. Marian’s mother’s religious faith and strength were lasting influences throughout Marian’s life.

      With the financial help of her church Marian began taking private lessons ultimately studying under Giuseppe Boghetti. In 1925 she entered a contest and won first prize, an opportunity to perform with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

      From there Marian toured post war Europe performing to rave reviews and acclaim for a voice that was one in a million.

      Then in 1939, she was scheduled to give an Easter Sunday concert at the Constitution Hall in Washington DC. And the Daughters of the American Federation (DAR) refused to let her perform because she was black.

      The Washington elates were incensed. Eleanor Roosevelt, was outraged at the prejudice. Eleanor publicly resigned her membership in the DAR. Splashed across the headlines of every newspaper the controversy raged.

      The press asked Marian to speak, she said no. The elates asked Marian to speak out, she said you don’t fight hate with hate. Speak out they said, the first lady is with you. No she said, you don’t defeat hate with more hate.

      Then on Easter Sunday, 1939 Marian was invited to perform a free concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. All the radio networks were there, the concert broadcast across the country from shore to shore.

      Marian stepped up to the microphones. What would she say. The crowd was silent as Marian looked out from the steps. In anticipation the crowd waited to hear what Marian would say. Marian began;

      …..My country,’ tis of thee,
      …..sweet land of liberty,
      …..of thee I sing;

      … where my fathers died,
      … of the pilgrims’ pride,
      …..from every mountainside
      …..let freedom ring!

      Yesterday full circle.
      Aretha Franklin stepped up to the microphone.

  • davidg

    John in Oregon,

    Your observation that “the United States with less than 6% of the world’s population and using less than one quarter of the commodities is producing something less than half the world’s wealth” is delightfully stunning.

    You have taken the old “is the cup half empty or half full” question and applied it to facts often used to criticize the economic success of the USA. You have given us a perspective to celebrate, not criticize, the economic success of this country.

    Thank-you! Well done!

  • Pinkie

    I think all of the trash left on the ground is shameful. I thought democrates were the party “for the environment” Couldnt people find a trash can? why were so many so lazy?

    sad..very sad.

  • smamUnreawn

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