Canzano says Sam Admas scandal threatens Major League Soccer

Hold your horses. The Oregonian chief sports writer, John Canzano, has said that the Sam Adam’s scandal now threatens plans to bring Major League Soccer in Portland.

“Because in the wake of the fallout surrounding the news that Portland’s mayor lied about having a sexual relationship with a teenager, a source inside the Major League Soccer offices told me this week that the professional league is asking a lot of pointed questions of the hopeful local ownership group. “

Forget the lying and abusing minors, we have got a baseball crisis going on here.

  • Anonymous

    What a “flub”, needs a “do over” or “In the News” should also resign.

  • Anonymous

    So what? SCAM ADAMS also wants the TAX PAYERS to foot the bill for this sports BOONDOGLE. Frankly I couldn’t care less if Major League
    Soccer ever comes to Portland.

  • Bob Tiernan


    Canzano, too, wants taxpayer dollars to be used so he
    has something important to write about besides the
    Blazers (which isn’t much).

  • Jerry

    Would they be as good for Portland as the Trailblazers have been?

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t we at risk of accelerating Global Warming if Adams resigns?

    He’s so green and all.

  • Anonymous

    *Sam Admas scandal threatens Major League Soccer*
    Oh, I hope so.
    Lets bury it next to the convention hotel and drive a stake through the heart of both projects.

    Then post an armed guard to make sure the stake stayed in place.

  • Anonymous

    A Sam Adams resignation also threatens Convention Center Hotel and Burnside Couch couplet.

    Imagine the outrage.

  • Bob Tiernan


    “Would they be as good for Portland as the Trailblazers have been?”

    *Bob T:*

    Doesn’t matter because that’s not the point. The issue is not only whether taxpayers should be forced to subsidize yet another millionaire, but such projects that have no business being part of government “infrastructure”.

    Paulson and his friends, in my book, are free to build a park for the Portland Beavers if they use their own money or raise additional private funds from willing participants, and purchase the land without the benefit of the brutal eminent domain system recently embedded on the whole nation by the five most leftward justices on the USSC.

    As for PGE Park itself, renovations should likewise be paid by private funds. We certainly don’t want to see a repeat of the earlier corporate welfare deal designed behind closed doors by the city council that included Sten, where only $5 Million of the $40 total was private.

    Regarding the convention hotel, what we are not told is that the city has in the past rejected proposals for such a hotel because it was not “big enough”. The plan (or one such plan) of one developer was to build the hotel very close to the convention center (as desired by the city council), with more rooms than any other nearby — and if convention business materialized the hotel owner would expand the hotel to add more rooms. Sounds reasonable. Sounds market-based (on reality as opposed to wishful thinking). But the city wants a huge one right away so they denied permission for this, and this way they can put out word that “the market can’t provide what is needed, so we’ll have to do it”. And progressives fall for it every time.

    Local and state government should never have gotten into the business of subsidizing sports team and stadiums. Once they started, it was inevitable that team owners would start to play the blackmail game of threatening to relocate their teams unless a stadium was provided for them or at least subsidized in part.

    Bob Tiernan (Mult Co.)

  • Jerry

    I think the hotel would make a great place to have a tryst, though, for these politicians.

  • PanchoPDX

    There is more local support for MMA than major league soccer.

    Seriously, I can find cagefighting every day on eight different channels while soccer is nowhere. That’s a sign of demand.

    I’ll bet that there is way more money going into local pay-per-view purchases of UFC fights than is generated through subscribers to the MLS soccer channels.

    The whole soccer stadium proposal is just so Portland. We’ll use tax dollars manufacture supply of something we hope people will like (e.g., condos, cc hotel, street cars, tram) and hope that the demand will show up to validate us.


    PS – I’m just as sick of local sportswriters/jock talk guys trying to pimp these projects in order to generate more work. You guys are transparent.