Lars Larson on Sam Lying

Looks like we’re in for another addition of “politicians gone wild”.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams lied and he needs to quit.

The man who proclaims himself the first queer mayor of a major American city may still be lying. He lied about sex with a teenager to save his political skin. He lied and destroyed Bob Ball’s political career. He asked the teenager to lie about their illicit assignation.

Let’s count all the problems with this. He’s a man in his forties with multi-billion dollar authority, seeking sex with a high school teenager. Did he commit a crime? We’ll only know that if we can figure out if he is lying to save his skin. Can he work with folks like Randy Leonard who backed him up when he lied?

Which standard for lying do we employ? Clinton? Wes Cooley? Bernie Giusto? Bob Packwood? Neil Goldschmidt? Larry Craig? Or, maybe it was former Portlander, Michael Stoops, who also counseled young Portland men into bed.

That’s right, Sam Adams lied and his career needs to die.

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  • Britt Storkson

    It appears that what mayor Sam did was legal, but very unethical. If so legally, he’s off the hook.
    With those who take and spend public money (taxes from taxpayers) ethical standards should be legal standards and prosecuted as such
    Did you know that with Oregon State Electric Co-operatives it is legal to hold rigged board of directors elections? It is also legal to spend ratepayers money to defame, impugn and otherwise derail the campaign of a candidate for the Co-operative board of directors. Very unethical on both counts but legal. Electric Co-operatives are state sanctioned monopoly power companies that are supposed to serve the public. Yet the public it serves does not have the legal right to choose the board of directors that take their money.

  • anonymous

    Sammy’s gonna stay which is sick but OH the entertainment value.

  • Joe

    I think what he did is fine. Consenting sex between same sex peoples is ok. If he says the boy was 18, then that is good enough for me.
    This man is being tarred and feathered for simply responding to his sexual needs and then lying about it.
    He had to lie or he would not have won the election. We need him in the mayor’s seat as he is very smart and can help our city attract much needed convention visitors if we can just get that new hotel built.
    Maybe some conventions about holding off on gay sex with minors until they are 18? We could fill the place!
    Sam’s the man.
    Whoops. Maybe not man, but his a great mayor so far and I stand behind him 100%. Not going to stand in front of him, for sure.

  • Bob Clark

    Adams has always operated on the sly, most importantly, in conducting city affairs. For example, he was chief abuser of using city franchise fees, originally dedicated to funding road maintenance, for everything but road maintenance. Then he does his dog and pony show telling how we need a new tax because of the road maintenance back log he help create. Then during the last campaign, he used private detective services to dig up dirt on DoShono.

    That said, if Adams is weakened as a mayor, it might actually be good for Portland taxpayers and independent minded individuals as it might weaken his ability to impose his borrow, tax and spend big agenda. One can only hope.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Well, according to the AP looks like Sam Adams will stay on.

    One can hardly blame him given that Blaggo is fighting back as well.

    The whole thing is so ludicrous.

    Is it me or was it not that long ago that we had some big to-do over Mark Foley sending sexy emails to a 16 year old?

    Ok, so that’s a big deal but lining up a 17 year old for when he turns 18 isn’t?

    What else?

    Oh yeah, we have Chuck Rangel, a self admitted incompetent, running the house ways and means committee ( sorry, if you are the guy writing the tax code, and you are unaware of the tax implications of income from your house in the Dominican Republic, you are incompetent ).

    Oh, and that’s right, we have Geithner about to head treasury who also is a self admitted incompetent. Why am I not that enthused about a guy who couldn’t work Turbo Tax enough to know he had to pay self employment taxes. I mean that’s not all that esoteric an accounting move right there.

    Watching the contortions of the left trying to defend this stuff is going to be like free tickets to Cirque du Soleil for the whole country. Wonder how long they will try and keep it up?

    Im LUV-ing it.

  • bob reid

    In come circles interns were a protected species. What parent would want their son or daughter to be in intern, whether over or under eighteen, if they are to be be viewed as sex bait by those who have power over them.

    • Joe

      Sam is just doing what his body is telling him to do. How can he help it? He is to be understood for his urges, not condemned.

      • Tom in Oregon City

        Oh, right. Joe just called Sam a mere animal. Well, HUMANS are supposed to use their BRAINS, with associated moral direction, to govern their bodies. Although Adams seems to take no advice from God, even basic human ethics would be enough to restrain his base animal desires.

  • Sick and tired of Portland’s wierdness

    From Neil Goldschmidt to Sam Adams, Bob Packwood, Mike Garvey, Derrick Foxworth, Bernie Guisto, et al, in between – ‘moral turpitude’ committed by (trusted?) PUBLIC OFFICIALS is unacceptable and a malediction when lies are fabricated as a defense ploy.“`Portland’s mayor has confessed to lying about his unbecoming conduct. Thereto, his resignation from office should be imminent, not postponed because he’s egregiously arrogant, to boot!

  • G Jiggy

    There seems to me to be a considerably lower standard for public office than in years past. And it’s getting lower all the time. If you simply forget the filth of the intern affair, his past seems to be of the sleaziest, dirtiness kind of politics. The kind that shouldn’t be rewarded with placement in office. But, there he is. Remarkable.

    If this affair with the intern was so innocent and wholesome, why did he lie about it? His own actions are very telling. They are what he feels himself about his actions.

    I think Portland deserves better but it’s obvious by posts here that it maybe be a minority position. Once again, remarkable. Portlanders need to look east at cities like Detroit to see how they got to be where they are today because this is the type of thing that started the ball rolling.

  • Robert

    If Mayor Adams was grooming this young person for sex the minute he turned 18, that is a predator. If this conduct is OK, then warnings should be posted at City Hall similar to a registered sex offender. Maybe it should read, “Minors beware. You may be targeted for sex with an elected official. Take all necessary precautions” This seems to me like sexual harrasment on steroids.

  • CT

    The issue of Sam Adams stinks on several levels that warrant his resignation or removal from office. At the top, this is an abuse of power ethical violation. Leave out the sexes, but keep the ages and jobs involved, and it is quite clear Adams violated his position of power. Second, Adams did not limit his behavior to a private location. His first reported foray was actually in City Hall. Third, Adams lied about a political opponent, did so repeatedly, and used those lies as a path to political power. He should be gone. And should already have happened.

  • Shirley

    Sam Adams is a predator, pure and simple. Politics do not white wash the behavior. Oregon has had enough politically powerful men take advantage of minority, under-age victims; Sam can now be added to the list,

    The stalking-like behavior portrayed by Adams to ensure the victim was 18 is undeniable, the self-professed strong political advisor so besotted he failed to take the advice of his own staff to leave the “jail-bait” alone is pure stupidity and ego, the stereotype clandestine meeting in the men’s room sets homosexuals back a decade in respectability, and finally the billable hours to Portland and Oregon taxpayers through the years as he pursued sexual liaisons, including other men’s room trists – I want a

    He is not deserving of “due process”.

    By the way, if this was a 17 year old girl I would be outraged. Predator behavior looks the same.

    Oregon deserves better, Portland requires a stronger, honest leader. It is too high of a price to pay.

  • Joe

    Predators are part of the natural food chain.
    Sam is just a product of evolution.
    He is not to be judged.

    • Joe Joe needs to change his meds

      Joe, you seem truly sick-in-the-head and folksthinks you ought home homeopathy youself with a copy of “Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder” by Dr. Michael Savage. Selah!