Lars Larson on Sam Lying

Looks like we’re in for another addition of “politicians gone wild”.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams lied and he needs to quit.

The man who proclaims himself the first queer mayor of a major American city may still be lying. He lied about sex with a teenager to save his political skin. He lied and destroyed Bob Ball’s political career. He asked the teenager to lie about their illicit assignation.

Let’s count all the problems with this. He’s a man in his forties with multi-billion dollar authority, seeking sex with a high school teenager. Did he commit a crime? We’ll only know that if we can figure out if he is lying to save his skin. Can he work with folks like Randy Leonard who backed him up when he lied?

Which standard for lying do we employ? Clinton? Wes Cooley? Bernie Giusto? Bob Packwood? Neil Goldschmidt? Larry Craig? Or, maybe it was former Portlander, Michael Stoops, who also counseled young Portland men into bed.

That’s right, Sam Adams lied and his career needs to die.

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