Wyden knocks Adams. Breedlove version differs. Lars offers Sam a job.

— Senator Ron Wyden announced he has little faith in Portland Mayor Sam Adams according to KATU-2.

— The Willamette Week is reporting that Beau Breedlove’s acount of events is different than Adams.

— Lars Larson on KGW-8 TV offered Sam Adams a weekend radio job if he would do the honorable thing and resign. (Finally a stimulus plan that actually creates a job!).

  • I often wonder which slime bog our politicians crawled out of

  • John

    Sign the petition demanding that Mayor Sam Adams meets his own eithical standards. Ask Sam Adams to STEP DOWN!


  • Joe

    He was just following his natural urges. He is to be supported now when he needs it most.
    I stand behind (not in front) of him 100%.

    • MacMan

      Natural urges are fine, and I commend him for waiting until Breedlove was legal age, but he still lied about it. That’s the issue, not the contact between himself and Breedlove. If he was honest he would resign because he decieved the people that put him in office.

  • The Big Red Pen

    The second bullet point has two grammatical errors. It should say “account” and Adams’.

    Also, Lars’ idea is not an original one. There was a radio station that just last week offered Balgojevich a job if he resigned.

  • Anonymous

    Wyden’s comments, as usual, were noncommital weasel words.

  • Joe

    But he is not honest, is he? However, I still admire him for his great work for our city.
    I only hope he can continue to serve.
    Maybe he could lead our teen delegation to Boy’s State?