FLASH: Kitzhaber to replace Daschle for Health job?

KGW reports that former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is being offered to replace Tom Daschle now that he has bowed out of the position. Kitzhaber’s name was brought up last December and is well known for his grand meddling in health care reform (without actually reforming anything and making it worse).

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  • devietro

    I am going to take a step out of the norm here and say that I think Kitzhaber would actually be decent in the job. I think he would be a better health secretary than a governor.

  • Jerry

    Instead of HILALRY CARE we can call it JOHNNY CARE. The guys a (((((((((((( Socialist.

  • Pinkie


  • Anon

    What is the dirt on him?

    Did he pay his nanny taxes?

    How many illegal aliens mowed the lawn at Mahonia when Kitz lived there?

    Who can get his sealed divorce docs?

    How about some pics of his son and the mother who was Kitz’ mistress (not the wife)?

    Any Salem interns who want to come forward with their tawdry tales of Governor pay to play?

    We want your dirty laundry…

  • anonymous

    If selected, the dirt on this asshole will finally come out. Rubbing hands together~~~~~~

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Look, face it, Obama won and we are going to get a Democrat controlling HHS.

    HHS is the Reichstag as far as the more socialist aspects of our government go. If you think for three seconds we are going to get someone in there who will send out “get a job” letters instead of welfare checks, well…. good luck.

    That said, one could do worse than Kitzhaber. He did screw up the health care system in Oregon, but frankly that was due to being naive rather than a bad idea. I thought the Oregon Health plan, in concept, was a good idea, when you start running out of money, cut off from the bottom of the list of procedures that which you cannot afford. If nothing else it was an idea that did transcend the traditional liberal orthodoxy of simply throwing money at the problem. Where Kitzhaber went wrong was in not realizing the federal government would change its mind and alter the plan once implemented.

    Sure, we could do a lot better than Dr. No heading HHS, but we could also do a lot worse. This agencies primary function is to take money from the productive and give it to the sedentary. Given that, having anyone at the helm at all is a step in the wrong direction.

  • Shirley

    JOBS Plus was also in place during his tenure requiring Welfare and Food Stamp recipients to work while their benefits were paid to employers to reimburse the wages. Another important component of the successful JOBS program and the record decrease in the Oregon welfare caseload. Accountability and resposibility to receive benefits applied. The welfare and food stamp caseloads didn’t go crazy high until the current governor took office.

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