Flash! Jason Atkinson may run for open Wyden seat

In a Catalyst exclusive and breaking story: Political insiders are confirming that State Senator Jason Atkinson will likely run for U.S. Senator Ron Wyden’s seat if Wyden is chosen for President Obama’s Health cabinet post (Which was rumored by Jeff Mapes today). If Wyden accepts it opens up a special election. Atkinson has run for statewide office before in an impressive run which has built his name ID and strong grassroots support. Atkinson entering the race could energize the GOP base and add a new dimension. Give us your comments.

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  • Reper

    A special election in a upturned economy would create a very unpredictable game taking out the natural advantages of many candidates, making it a much more toss-up fro anyone, not just Atkinson. If Jason came out with some big populist ideas and some straight talk against established types who are in disfavor right now, I can see some possibilities. Then again, how many times do Oregon candidates mess up a good chance? Most of the time.

  • Harry

    Greg Walden could also run. exSen Smitty could also run. The mayor of Philomath could also run.

    On the Dem side you have the midget running again. Gov Kulo. Kitz and even Katz. But Sambla would be a long shot, but maybe Breedlove would run, except he is too young (his life story LOL).

    Basically, it is a freebie for anybody to toss their hat into the ring.

  • mediocrity abounds

    Atkinson is perfect. He is as lazy, uninspired and mediocre as Merkely. They would make a great pair.

  • bennie

    mediocrity – you are right. Wasn’t Atkinson the one that was all for Bush’s/McCain’s amnesty plan? Any Dem could win againts him, because the conservatives would not show up.

    • Anonymous

      Want to make a bet? Immigration is not an issue anymore. The Conservatives are out of power. In order to actually get back into power, you actually have to vote in great Republicans. Atkinson is one of those great republicans.

      You, my friend, are not. You are a person who is willing to vote for a Democrat, because you are one. Even if you call yourself a Republican, to not vote for him just because of that means you are a Democrat.

      Go to hell, Bennie. Atkinson will win. He has the backing that is needed, and people like you are not it.

      • bennie

        Jason – Is that you? I know you want to be anonymous, but really just put your name in. No one is going to vote for a clown like you!

  • anonymous

    As a staunch Conservative, Walden Yes, Atkinson HELL no. We still remember the young lad blowing it on Lars re: Illegal Immigration.
    RINO’s are being hunted and destroyed.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and you’re one of the RINOs.

      Atkinson got railroaded by Lars for not being a complete absolutist. Atkinson is not a RINO, never has been, never will be, and it’s people like you who are going to continue voting in Democrats because you’re never satisfied.

      People like you need to be shot.


        A bit touchy I’d say. !st of all you can’t read a lick. Nowhere in the post above was the Lad labeled a”RINO”.
        Secondly, if you write that you want to shoot folks for simply voicing their opinion be very-very careful. You’d want a “fair fight”, I’m sure.

    • Richard B

      Give it up or Get the Frak out of my Party. Las did more to damage consrvitsm’s hold on limited government and the Republican brand that any lefty. Immigration is a dead issue. it time to move on and get back to shrinking the size of government and capitalism.

  • Insider

    Atkinson sure seems to want to do ANYTHING other than serve in the State Senate. Governor, or U.S. Senator, or Dogcatcher will do.

    • Gullyborg

      I don’t think that is a fair accusation. He ran for re-election to his State Senate seat in 2008 when he could have run – with a decent shot at winning – for Secretary of State or State Treasurer. He also could have run for a shoe-in County Commissioner seat – which comes with a big, fat salary – instead of State Senate. But he did none of these things. While it is true he has said for the record he is interested in running for Governor again in 2010, that is the ONLY race he has been talking about.

      This Wyden speculation is just that – SPECULATION. There isn’t even a race yet, and if there is one, it will be a one-time unique event that will draw in all qualified candidates. Maybe Jason would run, but it’s not like he has been running around the state campaigning to go to Washington instead of serving Southern Oregon. No, the only thing Jason has talked about as an after-State-Senate interest is Mahonia Hall.

      And let’s face it – aspiring to serve as Governor is something most state-level politicians do – even those who, like Jason, genuinely want to serve their district. Every legislator, commissioner, mayor, etc., out there realizes that he could do even more for his constituents as Governor. So why should we be concerned that Jason wants to move up from his State Senate seat to serve as Governor?

      Funny… seems like Kulongoski, Kitzhaber, and Roberts gave up other elected positions to run for Governor. I guess none of them wanted their previous jobs, and would have done anything, even dog catcher, instead of serve as Supreme Court Justice, Senate President, or Secretary of State. I guess you’d have to go back to Neil Goldschmidt to find someone in a non-political office who was willing to give up CEO salary in order to serve as Governor. Yeah, that worked out well.

      So basically, your argument is useless and a detriment to the readers.

  • Vernon

    Well it looks like Jason will not get the crazy vote.

    On a different weve, I would like to point out that Senator Atkinson enlivened the 2006 Governor’s race and that most people came away with a positive experience instead of that burned out at everyone’s throat post-election drama.

    I appreciate his efforts at Kurdistan and his travels to Iraq. It is the only time I felt a state lawmaker travelled out of the country and came back having it be a rewarding project.

    His youth works both for him and against him.

  • Sagano

    Jason could beat Steve Novick, or John Kitzhaber, or Bill Bradburry. But a Defazio, no. It dep[ends on who is the opposition and I would guess there would be many.

  • anon

    5 bucks says Kevin Mannix runs for this one too.

  • ConcordBridge

    No matter what law is created, the American people do not have the will to expel millions of illegals. They won’t do it. Just wait till the photos of little doe eyed kids being packed on buses shows up. It won’t happen.

    Lars doesn’t have to create workable laws, all he has to do is create compelling talk radio.

    So other than that, how does Jason stand up? Pretty good, I say. I’m ready to start working the gun shows for him again.

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