Portland City Hall caught on constant vacation

The Oregonian lead story today¬†(by Brad Schimdt) is about how Portland’s valiant Commissioners are seldom at work when compared to working class folks.

Days off work
Dan Saltzman: 34 days
Randy Leonard: 27 days
Sam Adams: 22 days
Nick Fish: 20 days
Amanda Fritz  18 days

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  • Bob Clark

    Actually I would be in favor of giving Portland city hall a permanent vacation because when commissioners and the Mayor do “work” I become worse off for it. Break off the police, fire, water & sewer and roads from Portland city hall; and do away with the latter; and life becomes a lot freer and less costly for most of us ordinary folk.

    If it had been in my power, I would have paid both Mayor Adams and Commissioner Leonard $1 million each from the city’s coffers in exchange for their going on permanent vacation for the remainder of their terms when they announced their intentions not to seek re-election during the Summer of 2011. Instead, no such offer was made and these two social engineers sped their active government intrusion policies, inflicting most of the city to the pain of their perverted governance. As a result, we now only have half the garbage service for the same price with folks having to labor more to dispose of their garbage. Then there’s the new phone tax and arts tax. The latter was largely an unfair election, as Portland city hall indirectly dominated the election campaign in favor of it ($100k in indirect city funding of the Arts tax election). Even PPS school board members don’t know what to make of the City’s new “arts” intrusion into the public school system.

    So, please much more vacation time (365 days per year and 366 for leap years) for all commissioners and Mayor of the city of Portland.

    • DavidAppell

      So your idea of freedom is a few more dollars in your checking account?

      • Appellsauce


        • DavidAppell

          You are a sad commentary on the 21st Century. Elevate your game.

        • 3H

          Would you say that the more money you have, the more free you are?

  • 3H

    Saltzman’s number of days off seem a little much, and maybe even Leonard’s. But the rest? Not so much. Between vacation and sick leave, Adams, Fish and Fritz don’t appear to be that out of line.

    I wonder how much time top executives in corporations take in vacation time compared to their employees. I’m willing to bet that there sick and vacation leave packages are much more generous.

    • crabman34

      I have to agree. 2 weeks paid vacation is most people’s starting point. I wouldn’t call it unreasonable to take 18 or 22 days off.

      it’s funny that you think that simply putting these numbers up is a shock.

      • 3H

        Me? I don’t think they’re a shock. OC does. Re-read the original post. I’m simply disagreeing with their assessment.

        • crabman34

          I didn’t mean you you, I meant OC you. I was also disagreeing with them, re-read my post. Jeez.

          • 3H

            LOL.. I wasn’t sure. My apologies.

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