Lars Larson on Brandon Mayfield

I say Brandon Mayfield is a threat to our safety. Remember Brandon Mayfield a Portland lawyer suspected but never accused in the Madrid, Spain train bombing? A finger print was found on a bag of detonators, confirmed to be Mayfield’s fingerprint even by a fingerprint expert hired by Mayfield’s lawyer.

Later Mayfield was cleared and never actually accused of anything. Still, he sued our government and got a couple of million bucks of your tax money, which he is now using to gut the Patriot Act.

The attorney counts among his former clients a convicted terrorist from Portland. If we use the Mayfield standard””never suspect or investigate anyone unless you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he actually did the crime””our prisons would be empty. Attorney’s like Mayfield would be out of work.

In the meantime, his work financed with our money, is gutting the Patriot Act that has saved American lives. Brandon Mayfield, not a terrorist, but definitely a threat to my country.

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  • devietro

    Did I miss something? Why are we bringing Mayfield up again?

  • Jim Knowlton

    I have to admit (and I’m a Republican)…Lars sounds a little cukoo for cocoa puffs here. This is what Wikipedia (which is usually fairly unbiased) said about the fingerprint “match”

    “As was discovered during the court case, even the FBI’s own records show that this finger print, despite the sworn testimony of FBI and DOJ agents, was in all reality not an exact match but only one of 20 “similar” prints to the ones that were retrieved from Madrid. “

    • Hissed off at the enemy’s within US

      Lars is right and his skeptics wrong. Mayfield’s actions, both on and off the field, indicate a direction that BM cares less about US and will remain outstanding in his field ’til we roll over and Kuran our sovereignty over to jihadist trojan whoreses farces toming from down on the antichrist’s Animal Farm.“`From acorns to being just plain nuts, Knowlton implies he knows zip about patriotism, just unimaginable naiveté when it comes to defending our sovereign borders, language and culture. Selah!

    • Just wondering

      Any relation to Kathy who resided on Tolman? A yay or a nay, OK.

  • Jim Knowlton

    How is it patriotic to spy on a U.S. citizen, search their home and confiscate their property, apprehend them without charging them or giving them access to the courts or even to an attorney…all without even so much as a warrant? Is this America? The first principle of the Constitution is individual liberty…how does the actions of the DOJ support that? They don’t, which is why the Supreme Court ruled that the DOJ had violated his constitutional right to be protected from unreasonable search and seizure.

    The next thing Hissed will do is talk about how we haven’t been attacked since 9/11…and I’m grateful for that. But the presence of safety isn’t an adequate exchange for the absence of liberty. If it were otherwise, there never would have BEEN an American Revolution. Sometimes liberty is worth more than life, more than safety.

    • Nuls illigitimus carborundum

      Daniel Pearl knows the wisdom of what you said, Jim.

  • Anonymous

    Lars lives for shock and awe. He is just digging around in the dirt looking for what will bring in ratings. Apparently he can’t find anything Obama has done to complain about and his moonlighting at the Portland city council meeting had little effect on his ratings.

    • repeat after me

      If you are not with US, you’re are against US – and, Islam certainly doesn’t with US well. Capeesh? History is going to repeat itself because what’s left of US seems possessed with a certain Neville Chamberlain mentality. Nuts!

  • Jim Knowlton

    Interesting that Lars goes off on this non-story, but has nothing to say about A.Q. Khan, Pakistani nuclear proliferator extraordinaire, being released from house arrest. This is a man who has dealt nuclear materials and technology to Iran, South Korea and Libya.

    You might think this might strike Lars as slightly more of a threat than Brandon Mayfield, but I guess you’d be wrong.

    If you’re curious about the Khan story, check out my blog at

  • Qur’an-cidentally speaking

    Glad that Lars hasn’t lost his head like Daniel Pearl and continue to warn US like Salman Rushdie.
    As for Mayfield’s adoption of the Qur’an as his direction finder – let’s hope he’s not bent on earning a Mohamed ATTA BOY merit badge.
    ~ Selah!

  • random voter

    Wow, I’d always thought Lars was a reasonable conservative type. If this is the same guy he has gone nuts. Mayfield was found innocent after the FBI tried to frame him. He was awarded damages. He’s using the money to do what he thinks is right. This is america, dude.

  • Anonymous

    Mayfield is dirty. Just look at what they found in his safe durung the search.

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