Lars Larson on Brandon Mayfield

I say Brandon Mayfield is a threat to our safety. Remember Brandon Mayfield a Portland lawyer suspected but never accused in the Madrid, Spain train bombing? A finger print was found on a bag of detonators, confirmed to be Mayfield’s fingerprint even by a fingerprint expert hired by Mayfield’s lawyer.

Later Mayfield was cleared and never actually accused of anything. Still, he sued our government and got a couple of million bucks of your tax money, which he is now using to gut the Patriot Act.

The attorney counts among his former clients a convicted terrorist from Portland. If we use the Mayfield standard””never suspect or investigate anyone unless you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he actually did the crime””our prisons would be empty. Attorney’s like Mayfield would be out of work.

In the meantime, his work financed with our money, is gutting the Patriot Act that has saved American lives. Brandon Mayfield, not a terrorist, but definitely a threat to my country.

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