BrainstormNW magazine sends out final issue.

After a dozen years of being a voice of reason and free enterprise, BrainstormNW Magazine has sent out its last issue this month. The magazine has a long record of reporting on stories that the media missed. They ended their final editorial by saying, “Words matter, individuals voices matter. The news, the truth, will always find a voice, and when there is a new way to tell it, you will hear from us again” We will be lsitening.

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  • Bob Clark

    I’ll miss the magazine. Hope there’s a replacement in terms of forum.

  • Jerry

    It was a great magazine and it will be missed by all who like to read and think.
    This is a sad day.

  • Not of fan of the state’s Dem mentality and RINO pawns in Oregon

    Top level magazine with great thinking management and contributors. This publication has been a keeper – yet, alas, Kool-Aid drinkers would rather sup up grocery checkout counter-culture shlock than partake of the best intended insights provided by Brainstorm NW. What an insufferable loss for the pioneering spirit that made Oregon a state of excitement, contrasted with today’s state of incitement by wet dreamers who grasp for entitlements that don’t exist, even in Socialistic states of affairs.

  • anonymous

    Oh my!
    I’m sorry for Jim & Bridget, they were brave and deserve our appreciation & thanks.
    But no sympathy for the egomaniac from the east side, however. Have another drink.

  • Anonymous

    And it was such a good golf Mag too.

  • Matt Evans

    I thank Bridget and Jim for letting me participate in a very, very small way years ago. I wish them both nothing but the best. The magazine will be missed.

  • devietro

    I love brainstorm but it seems that it has been dwindling in the past year or two. They use to have free copies at Pioneer Square and those disapeered at least 6months ago.

  • Joe Jericho

    Is there any free media in Portland anymore? Oregon? I don’t think so. I am not from this state, and it is easily apparent to me that every major news outlet (minus talk radio) is in the tank for left-wing Oregon government. This publication will be missed by many.

  • anonymous

    Brainstorm was too milktoast for me. Its editors tried to be too mainstream and to respectable to the downtown Portland crowd. They devoted too many of the magazine’s pages to cultural fluff. I stopped caring what they wrote years ago.

    I understand the niche they were trying to fill, but it wasn’t a niche that draws a lot of devoted fans and donors, at least conservative ones. Their views were closer to the Dorchster crowd than the conservative side.

    Brainstorm was perhaps a worthwhile experiment, but in these times with so much on the line they needed to be fighters, not entertainers. Most of their issues simply made me yawn.

    In my opinion, that’s why they failed to draw the advertising base they needed to survive. No magazine goes under if it is selling enough advertising to pay the bills.

    This tells me that the concept should be retooled with more solidly conservative, but not in your face editors. Brainstorm hit the nail on the head from time to time, but not consistently enough to make me anxious to receive the next issue.

  • Reper

    Every fourth issue they had a story that beat every newspaper and media outlet for thier reporting. Sad to see they could not advance to every issue a knockout. They were surely an important voice for alternative ideas in Oregon.

  • Anonymous

    I had hoped for Brainstorm to merge with Oregon Magazine ( and become a fully bonafide conservative publication. They were painted by libs that way anyway, so why not be a fully genuine conservative publication?
    A resource Oregon really needs.

    Best of luck to Jim and Bridget.

    • Oregon Magazine

      Pasero is young. He must have learned an amazing number of things during this ride. Mistakes? Just from the notes above, it is obvious that he made a few. A list of my mistakes in nearly fifty years in this and related businesses would fill a standard typewriter page, single spaced.

      Thanks from the gang at Oregon Magazine, Jim. With what you’ve learned, we suspect your future will be a rich and satisfying one.

      Larry Leonard
      Oregon Magazine

      • A believer in Larry, Oregon Mag and BNW efforts

        I’d like to nominate Larry Leonard as Speaker of the State House, capable of scattering Kulongoski starlings from the ‘runaway’ of their Dem nanny state socialist scheme-antics.

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