Lars Larson on How Not to Fix Oregon’s Economic Problems

“Another day older and deeper in debt” is no way to solve Oregon’s job problems. The state has 9.7 billion in bonded debt and a state budget a billion in the red. The so-called stimulus passed by the Legislature in theory creates 3,000 new jobs. That’s ½ of 1% of the number of unemployed Oregons. That won’t even move the needle.

Here’s an idea. Cut taxes on businesses and workers to make Oregon attractive again. Boost logging on state lands. Cut regulations that hold business back. Drill for natural gas. Build some of those safe nuke plants that OSU has developed.

In short, get government out of the way and the economy will fix itself.

FDR’s higher taxes and government spending did not fix the Great Depression. They made it longer. Kulongoski’s borrow and spend threatens to do the very same thing today.

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