Fight the Beer Tax

By Dick Army,

A few lawmakers in Oregon are trying to fleece the taxpayers of Oregon once again. What is their latest target? Beer, of course. These legislators have introduced HB 2461 this session, which would raise the beer tax by a whopping 1900%! Whether or not beer is your preferred beverage, these tax-hungry politicians seem to want to tax brewers out of the state, sending their business operations to states with lower tax rates.

The proposal would increase the amount you pay per pint anywhere from 15 cents to $1.50. TAKE ACTION! Taxes are always paid by the consumers, since they are passed on from the manufacturers of goods, to the distributors and retailers. This new 1900% tax hike on beer will be paid by everyone that purchases beer in the state of Oregon.

Instead of raising taxes during a recession, which is terrible public policy, state lawmakers should find ways to cut wasteful government spending and tighten the state’s belt. The worst policy lawmakers could pursue is an anti-business, anti-consumer tax hike that will take millions of dollars out of the pockets of Oregonians, and send those dollars to the politicians and bureaucrats in Salem to be redistributed.

TAKE ACTION NOW to send a message to your elected officials that you do not want higher taxes on Oregon businesses and consumers.

Dick Armey