Gov. heeds GOP call to end pay raises

From Senate Republican Office:

Salem, OR — Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) issued the following statement in response the Governor’s news conference on Thursday:

“For seven months Republicans have been standing with Oregonians and calling for an end to the hundreds of millions of dollars in raises handed out by the Governor. While Oregonians and small businesses have been facing layoffs and hour reductions, the Governor handed out over $650 million in pay raises to administrators and state employees. We believe suspending these management raises is a step in the right direction, but taxpayers will still be getting a bill for $218 million in raises the Governor negotiated last year. Just like the employers on the front page of your local paper’s business section, state government needs to be cutting costs.

“Republicans continue to urge the Governor and legislative leadership to protect classrooms from the threatened 5 to 10 day cuts to the school year. Using a portion of our Education Stability Fund, we can provide matching funds for school district savings to keep kids learning until the end of the scheduled school year. Oregon children shouldn’t be held responsible for the fiscal mismanagement that gave us this budget deficit.”