Lars Larson on Beer Tax

Raise Oregon’s beer tax? Well, of all the crazy ideas the Oregon Legislature has come up with, the idea of raising Oregon’s beer tax by nearly 2000% is nuts.

For those of you who say 2000%? How could it go up that much? Oregon’s beer tax is currently less than a penny. This change would take it to over 15 cents. Of course once it goes in at the manufacturing level it means they’re going to have to pass it along and add profit, and pass it along and add profit.

The end result is going to be raising the cost of your craft brewed beer by more than $1 a glass. That’s going to cut back the number of buyers for that kind of beer which is going to cut back the number of jobs.

5200 people directly employed by the industry. It is a dumb way for Oregon to go. It seems like more of the same for the Oregon government. They can’t get enough money so they will stomp on Oregon business until the dollars come out.

The public should say “no” to the dumbies who brewed up this stupid tax.

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