Lars Larson on the Sex Offender Registry

Why should a sexual pervert ever get off the Sex Offender Registry?

Perverts in Oregon who are convicted of sexual crimes, especially those crimes against children, are required to be put on a registry. That means wherever they move, we know where they are, and the police will keep an eye on them.

The Oregon Court of Appeals has made the decision that if you are on the Sex Offender Registry and you go to a judge you may be able to be removed from that registry. Even when the people who watch you can’t be sure that you won’t commit your crimes again.

I think that’s a joke on the Oregon people. The fact is, we should be able to count on the cops to keep an eye on the bad guys. You can’t keep an eye on the bad guys if you don’t know who and where they are.

This Court of Appeals decision needs to be appealed to the U. S. Supreme Court, if necessary, to overturn it. Once you are on that Sex Offender Registry, I think you should stay there for life.

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