Executive Club Tonight! Special panel on initiative process

Initiative Panel with
Sen. Morse, Rep. Galizio, Dan Meek, Ross Day
The Executive Club
6:00 pm “¢ Wed, March 4th “¢ Airport Shilo Inn

Sen. Frank Morse, R-Albany, and Rep Larry Galizio, D -Tigard, are co-sponsors of Senate Joint Resolution 11. Join the Executive Club crowd on Wednesday night to see the featured important panel discussion in which Senator Morse and Representative Galizo will present the case for why they think that SJR 11, a radical reform of the Oregon initiative system, is necessary. The bill is a proposed Constitutional amendment and, if approved it would alter initiative process by requiring that any initiative which achieved enought signatures to make the ballot, would not be put on the ballot until it was reviewed in a regular session of the Legislature.

Any such initiative would then be subjected to an “advisory vote” by our legislators, and then the Secretary of State would be required to let the voters know how the politicians voted. As a practical matter, the law would delay initiatives by an additional two years before being voted on. There is no doubt, also, that this measure would enable the legislature to create competing measures to be on the ballot to hurt any initiatives they don’t like.

This presentation should be especially enlightening because the SJR 11 co-sponsors will make the case for their bill and they have also agreed to be on a panel with two well known initiative activists and friends of the Executive Club, lawyers Ross Day and Dan Meek (right). After the panel discussion give and take, the panelists will field questions from Club members.