Cap-and-Trade Answers for Cocktail Party Questions

It always happens. You are standing there with coworkers, friends, political allies (or foes), or total strangers, and someone says very dogmatically, “We have to do something to save the planet.”

Climate change, and how to deal with it, is literally one of the hottest topics in state and national public policy. Because astonishing news sells, media coverage on climate change focuses on exaggerated claims of future catastrophe and proposes economically devastating “solutions” that may have no effect on global climate at all. Unfortunately, misleading media reporting makes it difficult for citizens and legislators alike to discern fact from fiction.

But you can be the one offering common-sense answers others haven’t heard. What works, what won’t, and cap-and-trade policies currently under consideration in Salem that will affect every industry””and household””in Oregon: Click here to see “Cap-and-Trade in Oregon: A Primer for Legislators and Citizens.” Sip your cocktail in peace.

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