Radical Islam’s continuing war against the “West”

A rather salient but almost entirely overlooked piece of information has come out in the recent stories regarding the arrests of several terrorists overseas regarding a plot to blow up the PATH trains in New York City.

The nom de guerre of the plot leader is “Emir Andalusi”. What is fascinating about his name is its reference to Al Andalus the collective name for the Muslim strongholds that occupied much of the Iberian Peninsula from 711 AD to 1492 AD. The simple historical precedent of this pseudonym cannot be overstated.

Radical Islam has been continuously waging a war to subjugate the “West” or to be more specific, Christian Western Europe and its descendants for approximately the last 1300 years. While it is true that Islam and its adherents have also done a “stellar” job subjugating peoples to the east of the Fertile Crescent (e.g. Hindus, Buddhists, Animists in India, Thailand and Indonesia to name but a few) we are only concerned with their continuing efforts to bring those of us who live north of the Mediterranean Sea or west of the Atlantic Ocean into the fold of peoples ruled by Sharia Law.

Once again, over five centuries after the Muslims were expelled from Spain in 1492 we continue to see Mohammed’s adherents harkening back for the days when they attempted to bring Jihad to mainland Europe via the Iberian Peninsula. Ironically it was Ferdinand II and Isabella I whose combined armies drove the Muslims from Spain and then provided the financing needed for Christopher Columbus’s voyage to the New World. A voyage whose route west, was forced upon him because of the total blockade of trade between Europe and the Orient enforced by the Muslims themselves.