John Lee for ORP Chair announces endorsements

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John Lee for ORP Chair


Clackamas County Republican Party Chairman John Lee announced an impressive array of endorsements from elected officials and party leaders yesterday for his campaign to become the next chairman of the Oregon Republican Party. The number of elected officials and other prominent Republicans supporting Lee represents growing momentum within the party for a candidate that can lead the party in a successful direction.

“The challenges facing our party in Oregon require real leadership. John Lee has established a track record of success that no other candidate can match. He is not only the best choice, but the only real choice for those serious about taking our party in a new direction.” Said Clarice Moss, President of the Mt. Hood Republican Women’s Club

These endorsements are wide-ranging and speak to the volume of support for John Lee within the party. “Republicans want to see a unified party with a capable and qualified chair at the helm. We have a talented leader in the party who has already accomplished this at the county level. John Lee is the right person, for the right job, at the right time.” Said Sue Hewson, Chair of the Candidate Development Committee for the Clackamas County Republican Party.

The initial list of endorsements for John Lee as ORP Chair includes:

Current and Previously Elected Republican State Officials:

State Representative Kevin Cameron (R-Salem)
State Representative Bill Kennemer (R-Oregon City)
State Representative Mark Johnson (R-Hood River)
State Representative Fred Girod (R-Stayton)
State Senator Chuck Thomsen (R-Hood River)
State Senator Alan Olsen (R-Canby)
Former State Representative Matthew Wand (R-Troutdale)
Former State Representative Patrick Sheehan (R-Clackamas)
Former State Representative Scott Bruun (R-West Linn) and Alison Bruun

Current Party Leaders and Candidates

Tim Smith, Vice Chair, Oregon Republican Party
James Buchal, Vice Chair Candidate for Oregon Republican Party
Tyler Smith, CD5 Chairman and Former Chairman of Marion County GOP
June Hartley, past Oregon National Committeewoman from Malheur County
Bob Tiernen, past ORP Chairman
Jeff Caton, former Republican nominee for State Treasurer
State Representative Candidate Steve Newgard
Casey Flesch, Vice Chair Clackamas County Republican Party | Alternative Vice Chair CD5
Kevin Moss, Vice Chair, Congressional District 3
Clarice Moss, President of the Mt. Hood Republican Women’s Club
John Swanson, Former ORP Chair Candidate

“John’s record of success in Clackamas County is undeniable. I have no doubt that his inclusive leadership style and blueprint for Republican grassroots advocacy will give us the momentum we need. I’m confident that as Chairman of the GOP, John will lead us to win seats and develop and support conservative candidates seeking public service.” – Former State Representative Patrick Sheehan (R-Clackamas)