A New Web Site about Global Warming

Al Gore’s true believers have several web sites with easy ready reference materials for arguing their case, but I could not find a web site with simple, to the point, information exposing this popular delusion. So I created one.

What would be a good name for such a site? I wanted to appeal to those most in need of an education on this subject, so I named it SustainableOregon.com. A sustainable Oregon is a rational Oregon with prosperous people that recognize that we cannot predict the future with any degree of accuracy.

What will you find at SustainableOregon.com?
– Links to peer-reviewed papers that prove that CO2 rises hundreds of years AFTER the temperature rises in the Antarctic.
– CO2 is NOT the most effective greenhouse gas – water vapor is!
– Solar activity is a much better match to temperature than CO2.
– A partial list of the money “earned” Al Gore and others deeply involved in this fraud.
– NASA “scientist” Hansen’s botched 1988 prediction of global warming.
– Washington State Climatologist Phil Mote’s botched predication of Northwest Warming.
– An apparent conflict of interest in Oregon’s own Global Warming Commission.

I hope you will find the information on SustanableOregon.com a useful contribution to exposing, what may well be, the fraud of the century.

Jim Karlock