Lars Larson on Veterans and Obama

Barack Obama is going to anger a whole bunch of people all at the same time.

I’ve been telling you that Barack Obama is bad news since he was running for President, back when he was a Senator, back when we didn’t know much more about him than his crazy minister and his crazier wife. But, now the President is showing his real stripes.He’s proposed a cut in veterans’ benefits.

I talked with the head of the American Legion and he explained to me that the President is proposing to shove a half a billion dollars of medical costs, now paid by the U.S. government, off onto America’s veterans. The veterans would have to cover their own costs for service connected disabilities.

The President is going to do this to save a half a billion dollars. He is going to make an awfully lot of people angry very quickly, and veteran’s groups are very well organized, so stand back and watch the fireworks.

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