Senator Bruce Starr: Bills on human trafficking

Previously Senator Starr has introduced bills in regards to the unrealized human trafficking problem in the northwest. Senator Starr has also added an additional bill to the original package of three, making for a very comprehensive attack against traffickers.

Those bill numbers are:
“¢ SB 839 | Allowing victims to apply for the Address Confidentiality Program
“¢ SB 840 | Creating a 17-member volunteer task force to evaluate our states current system on combating human trafficking
“¢ SB 841 (new) | Creating a work group that will develop and report standards for the delivery of much needed services, such as: emergency medical care, food, housing, vocational training, and mental health care.
“¢ SB 842 | Requiring victims of human trafficking, sexual assault, and domestic violence to be afforded legal services.