Top Ten Signs You Just Might be a Loser

1. You just renewed your subscription to a newspaper and paid for 3 years in advance to save money.
2. You just inked a deal for XM radio for a three-year subscription and really saved big.
3. You just contributed to the Oregon Cultural Trust where your money is safe and will be only used for cultural projects.
4. You just purchased a Hummer with 0 down and 0% financing.
5. You just turned your last handgun in for a Valentine’s bouquet because, by golly, it was the right thing to do.
6. You used both government coupons to buy converter boxes for your TV — they won’t catch you napping come June!
7. You bought a Prius and paid over $10,000 more than you would have for a Corolla to get 15 more miles to the gallon. You will break even in 12 years.
8. You just bought 10 lottery raffle tickets for your state’s Big Money Lottery Raffle.
9. You think bailing out corporate execs is a good idea.
10. You fill this one in.