Suzanne Gallagher is new Oregon GOP Chair

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by NW Spotlight

Suzanne Gallagher was elected as the new Oregon Republican Party (ORP) Chair at the Biennial Organizational Meeting of the ORP State Central Committee yesterday in Salem. Suzanne replaces Allen Alley, who did not run for re-election. Suzanne won in voting over Art Robinson and John Lee.

The new ORP officers elected were:

  • Suzanne GallagherChair
  • Bill CurrierVice Chair
  • Chris BarretoSecretary
  • Ken TaylorTreasurer

The election of the four new ORP officers represents a clean sweep by the Constitutional Values Slate.

To read coverage of yesterday’s ORP election by Jeff Mapes in the Oregonian, click here, or to read the official ORP press release, please click here.

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  • Dick W

    I hope Ms. Gallagher is an actual conservative and not a Dem Lite.

    • Dan

      …..aaaaaand here we go again. We are so much more content to fight
      each other and label ourselves as a “real” conservative or an “actual”
      conservative…that we will continue to lose market share until we are
      just a tiny group of ineffectual, bitter, angry people sitting around a meeting on
      folding chairs, congratulating ourselves on getting rid of everyone else
      who wasn’t exactly like us. Y’know…all those insidious fakers who
      only agreed with us on maybe 85% of issues. They were tearing the
      Party apart with their opinions and their compromises. Some of
      them….some of them even had DEMOCRAT friends or family members!!! The
      nerve of them to call themselves a conservative!! 🙁

      • Dick W

        Here is the problem. Government as a percentage of the GDP, state or national, has to shrink. If the GOP is content to go broke slower, then I can not support them. We need to reverse the growth of government not just reduce the rate of growth.
        Oregon is on its way to being as financially stable as California which is rivaling Spain for economic stability. Even the governor sees that (or at least pays lip service to that). We are on our way to stagnation just like the EU. So do wait until the crash or do we do something about it before the coming crash?
        So what is your solution? What do you think should be done?

        • Dan

          I completely agree with your assessment of our economic position, and your suggested remedy is sound. I wish you had bothered to put that in your initial response, instead just hoping for “an actual conservative.” We get all wrapped around the axle at the party level – and let’s not kid ourselves about the ORP chair’s power or level of respect amongst elected officials in this state…it’s pretty much zero. No one respects the ORP and candidates don’t give a crap about the party positions and usually run as far away as they can from the nut-jobs that orchestrate their meaningless little insider power-plays and slates…unless they have to go kiss the ring and talk about how pro-life they are so they can get some volunteers to hammer in a sign or two. The party insiders always whine about who’s a better conservative, and all the ridiculous litmus tests that we force everyone to take to prove their ideological purity. But if we don’t start putting up some numbers – actual wins and successes with credible, thoughtful and reasonable candidates who can move into increasingly higher profile positions, and who don’t scare the crap out of the voters – we won’t EVER be in a position to make any significant changes to the way things operate. It seems that all too often, Republicans, or should I say, “actual conservatives” are too happy to get their ass kicked and be able to play the i-told-you-so martyr, instead of risking a compromise or the idea that winning the hearts and minds of the people is akin to winning their vote.

          • Dick W

            An actual conservative, or in older terms a classical liberal, is for small government and minimal interference by the government. I am glad you agree with my concerns but I do not see the State getting anywhere if we have GOP leaders that will go along with the dems spending plans. We can’t afford it.
            Lastly the GOP in Oregon is probably destined to be the minority until the electorate sees the folly of ever increasing spending by government and ever increasing restrictions on business. But when the electorate comes to its senses I do not want the GOP to be bearing part of the blame. The GOP should be in a position to say they are the real alternative to thismess and not DEM Lite.

    • Bev

      Suzanne is a friend of mine, and I can assure you that she is a true conservative. As someone famous is always saying-don’t doubt me!

      • Dick W

        Thank you for the reassurance. What is she proposing to do to shrink government spending?

  • I interviewed all four officers today and I firmly believe we have elected a fine Conservative group and hope that Republicans will rally around them. They are from all over the state and a great mixture of backgrounds. You can listen to the interviews on today’s show here:

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