Atkinson makes directorial debut showcasing the Oregon Capitol

In honor of Oregon’s 150th birthday, Senator Jason Atkinson has produced a behind-the-scenes look at the Oregon Capitol building and its history. The documentary is available online at or on DVD by request.

“Oregon’s Capitol has a special place in my heart, as it should in the hearts of all Oregonians,” said Atkinson. “This is a personal glimpse at the Capitol and some of the stories that surround it. I hope this video helps Oregonians appreciate their Capitol a little more.”

Combining history, humor and a few sage stories, Atkinson has created a personal look at the Oregon Capitol. The documentary opens with scenes from the capitol building on February 14, 2009, when Oregonians from around the state converged in Salem to celebrate the state’s birthday. Atkinson guides the viewer around the Capitol grounds with a fast-paced tour that highlights some interesting and little known details.

“I believe that this Capitol should be beautiful,” said Atkinson. “It is a reflection of our state, our values, and the things that we believe in. It is a place that we should be proud to call our own.”

Senator Jason Atkinson has served in the Oregon Legislature since 1999, was a candidate for Governor in 2006, and is the author of What We All Wish Politicians Understood. His agenda for this session includes creating a tax credit for gifts to hunger relief agencies and other non-profits and giving certainty to schools by funding education before the 81st day of session.