Preserving the American Dream Conference

The April 17-19th Preserving the American Dream Conference in Bellevue, Washington, is just weeks away, and we are addressing issues that are important to you and will dominate public policy in the years to come. From the Obama Administration’s new mandates to encroachments from state and local governments, this conference covers it all and empowers you to defend liberty and promote prosperity in your community!This is the only national conference that presents a free-market approach to mobility, land use, and homeownership. Beginning with a bus and ferry tour of development and transportation projects in the Puget Sound region, you’ll see why Bellevue and surrounding areas have enjoyed an excellent climate for development, while Seattle has experienced much less growth. Then, you will have access to a power packed line-up of leading experts who are on the cutting edge of the major policy issues affecting our everyday lives.

Keynote Speakers

Slade Gorton, former U.S. Senator and co-chair of the National Transportation Policy Project
Cary Bozeman, Mayor of Bremerton, Washington – “Transformational Change”
Kemper Freeman, Jr., Principal of Kemper Development Co. – “Bringing the Market to the Marketplace”
Samuel Staley, Director of Urban Policy at Reason Foundation and co-author of Mobility First – “A New Vision for Transportation”

Transportation, Mobility & Environmental Issues

Alan Pisarski, author of the Commuting in America series – “The Future of Mobility”
Randal O’Toole, senior fellow at Cato Institute and author of The Best Laid Plans – “The Next Transportation Revolution”
John Charles, President of the Cascade Policy Institute – “Vehicle Mile Pricing – the Latest Trend”
Tom Rubin, American Dream Coalition – “Transit Responses to Economic Hard Times”
Michael Cunneen, Independent Analyst – “Traffic Calming & Public Safety”
Craig Stone, Washington State Department of Transportation – “Enhancing Mobility on the I-405”
Steve Marshall, Cascadia Center of the Discovery Institute – “Plug-in Autos”
Greg Cohen, American Highway Users Alliance – “Meeting Highway Needs”
Michael Ennis, Washington Policy Center – “Improving Mobility in Washington”
Eileen Norcross, Mercatus Center – “The Stimulus Bill & Transportation Infrastructure”
Jim Horn, former State Senator and chairman of the Eastside Transportation Association – “Building Roads in a No New Roads Environment”

Housing Affordability & Land-use Regulations

Peter Gordon, University of Southern California – “The Best of Times or the Worst of Times – Part 1”
Harry Richardson, University of Southern California – “The Best of Times or the Worst of Times – Part 2”
Vincent Benard, President, French-Belgian Hayek Institute – “Land Use Regulation & Housing Affordability in France”
Ron Utt, senior research fellow at Heritage Foundation – “Smart Growth and the International Financial Crisis”
Wendell Cox, – “How Smart Growth Triggered the Economic Recession”
Rick Harrison, Site Design Studio – “Prefurbia – a Market Alternative to Smart Growth ‘Solutions'”

Property Rights & Environmental Regulations
Todd Myers, Washington Policy Center – “The Problem with Green Mandates”
Owen McShane, Centre for Resource Management Studies (NZ) – “Excessive Regulation in New Zealand”
Steve Hammond, Citizens Alliance for Property Rights – “Government Threats to Property Rights”
Ron Ewart, National Association of Rural Landowners – “The Damage Wrought on American Rural Landowners by Environmental Regulation”
John Groen, Property Rights Attorney – “Growth Management Laws & Regulatory Takings”

Getting the Job Done — Grassroots Strategies That Work!
Brian Hodges, Pacific Legal Foundation – “Securing Property Rights in Rural Areas”
Shaka Mitchell, Tennessee Center for Policy Research – “Tactics to Defend Freedom”
Ed Braddy, American Dream Coalition – “The Politics of Smart Growth – Strengths & Weaknesses”
Jeff Judson, Judson & Associates – “Building Movements for Change”
Steven Greenhut, Orange County Register, “The Fault Lines of New Urbanism”
Jeff Kropf, Americans for Prosperity (Oregon Chapter) – “Defending Limited Government in the Era of Big Government”
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Registering for the Conference
Now is the time to register for this important event. The registration fee is just $259 and the optional Friday bus and ferry tour of the Puget Sound region is only $40. The Hyatt Regency Bellevue is offering a special room rate of just $119 per night for those who reserve rooms before April 6th.

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Eighty percent of Americans live in urban areas, and they need your help. The American Dream Coalition is here to help you help them! Join us at the Seventh Annual Preserving the American Dream Conference. For more information, please visit our website: or call 352-281-5817.