Oregon Dem introduces 5% sales tax bill

Tobias Read_thb

by NW Spotlight

Rep. Tobias Read (D-Beaverton) has introduced House Joint Resolution 28 – which would refer an amendment to the Oregon Constitution to voters to adopt a 5% sales tax.

Rep. Read is one of three Democrats reported on last December who think the time is right for a sales tax for Oregon.

As was noted in Oregon Catalyst back in November, state spending in Oregon doubled in ten years, growing from $30 billion to $60 billion. The Oregon All Funds budget doubled from the budget ending in 2001 to the budget ending in 2011. The state’s General and Lottery Funds’ budget, a subset of the All Funds budget, went up by 35% during that same time.


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  • guest

    Sales taxes are not progressive nor are they deductible on Fed or Oregon State income tax forms. They do bode, however, another costly layer of bureaucracy – and, when it runs down to PERS retirement strings, who gets exemption and who doesn’t? Certainly not the private sector.

    For the nth time, best to signal a middle digit to the tax and spenders and repeated attempts for a superfluous, albeit unnecessary third revenue leg.

    The gouging must stop and a good start would be to stop spending like crazy and send the growing-government agents home, preferably to a state of affairs already besotted and ordering more while refusing breathalyzer testing.

  • Another Guest

    Yet another bandaid.

    Should only be considered if another tax is eliminated.

    Sales tax is more fair that current property tax. Would capture the true discretionary spending in the region.

    However, without exclusions for life’s essentials, and offseting property taxes, this is DOA.

    Finally, most other states have sales tax, property tax, state and local income taxes, so there is no guarantee that implementing a sales tax alone will solve any problems.

    Still need a serious look at spending, especially for entitlements and government inefficiencies.

  • Ron Glynn

    Representative Read: Sales Tax Measures have been defeated 9 times since 1930. The last vote in 1993 (judging from your picture, you were probably in grade school)was the biggest defeat ever with 72% No to 24% Yes. The problem is not a Revenue problem, it is a Spending Problem! Over the last 20 years, State Budgets have risen much higher than the ability of the citizens to pay. You want a Sales Tax, bring it on! We will slap that baby down big time.

  • wally

    foolish tax loving idiots should leave Oregon and move to California or New York where they love higher taxes

    what part of nine statewide majority no votes against sales a tax in Oregon don’t you understand???

    there is no right time for a sales tax in Oregon!!!!

  • leathermouth

    The only way I would vote for a sales tax in Oregon is if the property taxes AND income taxes were eliminated.

  • HBguy

    Oregon population growth 2001-2011. Went form 3.470 million to 3.860 million. Just over 11.2% increase.

    CPI from 2001 to 2011 went from 175 to 220 or about 25.7%.

    So, 1.112 times 1.275 equals 1.418.

    So taking population and inflation into account, the general fund budget, which is what the legislature has power over, increased less than 35% increase you are bemoaning.

    What’s the problem?

    • HBguy

      Meant general funds budget grew less that population and inflation.

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