Representative Jim Weidner: 6 percent spending limit

By Rebecca Tweed,
Taxpayer Association of Oregon Lawmaker Profile Series

Representative Jim Weidner (R-Yamhill) has introduced House Bill 3363, a proposal limiting government growth not to exceed 6%, which is the average rate of inflation. “There are sources of revenue out there that we haven’t looked into yet. We could find them if we could limit our spending,” says Representative Jim Weidner. He advocates that the additional revenue goes into the Rainy Day Fund and that the Kicker should be returned to Oregon citizens. “People should get their money back, they earned it,” stated Representative Jim Weidner.
Lately, the Oregon Legislature doesn’t seem like it is focused on creating a business-friendly environment. And Representative Weidner isn’t too happy about it. “It seems like everything that’s being pushed to the forefront is increasing the burden on small businesses. It’s frustrating.”

As a small business owner himself, Representative Jim Weidner is discouraged by what he’s seeing in the halls of the Capitol, “It just seems like there’s a disregard for what Oregonians are going through in this economy. The decisions being made scare me””we’re going to send Oregon into a depression if we don’t start being more responsible with taxpayers’ money.”

Representative Jim Weidner hopes to bring experience and common sense to his position in the State Legislature. Serving as the Vice-Chair on Consumer Protection and is a member of Veterans and Emergency Services and Transportation Committees, Representative Weidner has a wide-ranging plan of action for helping citizens and small businesses in Oregon prosper.

Representative Weidner strongly supports the Main Street program which encourages businesses and individuals to invest in improvements to their property through the incentive of a tax credit.

“I think supporting our families and children needs to be a high priority as well,” says Representative Jim Weidner, an active member of his community and church. “I’m introducing legislation that provides tax credits for parenting classes, tax credit for completion of marriage classes, tax credits for first aid classes”¦we can do a lot in our community and I think there’s room for some tax credits there to provide incentive and encouragement.”

— Website: State Representative Jim Weidner