Lars Larson on a Rape Statute

I think we should change the Statute of Limitations on rape.

It’s famously true that there is no Statute of Limitations on murder. You murder somebody, they can convict you ten, twenty, or thirty years later. But, in most places around America, if you rape, the Statute of Limitations will run in three to six years. Yet, even if there is proof positive that you did the ugly deed, you cannot be convicted. We’ve seen some of those cases recently.

There is now DNA evidence which is used in some cases to exonerate rapists, to free them from prison because they were wrongfully convicted. Shouldn’t we turn that around? If a young woman is raped and ten, or twenty, or thirty years later a man is identified positively by DNA evidence, he should still be convicted.

I think it is time to change the Statute of Limitations. We should allow exceptions for that new technology.

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