Puma Vehicle to the Rescue

The new Puma electric-powered urban vehicle announced by Segway and General Motors is set to become a major factor in the Obama administration’s ceaseless efforts to rid American of its dependence on foreign oil. Called an iPod on wheels by the two manufacturers, this urban vehicle could be just what the country needs to tip the scales in our favor toward true energy independence.

The vehicle can travel up to 35 MPH and can go about 35 miles on a single, 35-cent charge. Essentially, on a cost basis, this is like getting 200 miles per gallon in a gas-powered vehicle. The excitement around this latest people-mover is so intense as to be palpable. Imagine, 200 miles to the gallon! And in a comfortable and safe environment.

The Puma can carry two adults while balanced on its two large drive wheels. The vehicle will be able, essentially, to drive itself using the GM OnStar navigation system. It is said that the Puma could drop you off at work, go find its own parking space, and then come back to pick you up at the end of the workday. It will have Internet connectivity, too, so it could avoid potholes, traffic jams, other vehicles, and even take you to the latest restaurants in your area based on customer reviews.

Naysayers have already chimed in — like Rush Limbaugh — reminding everyone that the Segway was supposed to change our world, but failed to do so. Well, the Segway could only hold one person. That is the single biggest advantage of the Puma — it can hold two, in greater comfort and safety, and get you and yours where you want to go when you want to go for just a penny a mile! Finally, something that holds great promise to free us from our addiction to foreign oil. And not a moment too soon, either.

If you believe America is ready to change, then buy stock in GM and Segway, because this little technology wonder is poised to take off! The time is ripe for new ideas and new products to bring us out of our malaise. I salute GM and Segway for thinking that is clearly out of the box.