Lars Larson on Wood Waste Burners

I know the Green crowd always talk a good game about alternatives like wind and sola, but apparently they don’t really believe in them.

In Eugene, the Seneca Sawmill operation, run by Aaron Jones, is going to try to build a waste burner to use the wood waste that comes out of mill operations. It would turn waste into electricity.

Aaron Jones has decided to build a plant costing about $45 million that could be under construction by this fall. It would burn pure wood waste, for which there really is no other commercial use. It would make enough electricity to supply 13,000 homes and probably also some drying capability for his lumber mills, without using natural gas.

The Greenies are throwing up objections, saying, “No, we can’t do that. It will produce some pollution”. Apparently the Green crowd believes that anything that burns, anything that produces waste of any kind cannot be allowed.

I’m afraid they’d like all of us to simply freeze to death in the dark.

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