House panel eyes Tax Kicker raid — Don’t Let Them!

WatchdogVote NO on Stealing the People’s kicker HJR 3, HJR 4, HJR 11 & HJR 12
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

This morning the Oregon House Revenue Committee heard four bills on stealing our personal income kicker tax refund.  Below is the testimony that the Taxpayer Association of Oregon submitted to the Committee opposing the Kicker Tax Raid Bills (HJR3, HJR 4, HJR 11 & HJR 12) which do require a referral to the people to change the constitution.

– Oregon’s Tax Kicker belongs to the people as they voted for it by over 60% approval.

– The Tax Kicker is over-collected taxes by state government

– Plans to steal just the higher kicker tax returns add insult to Oregon’s injury because Oregon already has the nation’s 2nd highest income tax rates at 11% (tie with Hawaii)*.

1. California — 12.3%
2. Oregon — 11%
3. Hawaii — 11%

–  Having the nation’s second highest income tax rates means Oregon “over-collects” on its “over-taxing”.

– Why put money into a political stockpile fund (Rainy day Fund) when entrepreneurs & small business owners wish to create new employees and taxpayers today.

–  Creating new taxpayers today adds more to state revenue than politicians stockpiling tax cash.

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— Kicker tax Refund Bill info/links. HJR3, HJR 4, HJR 11 & HJR 12

* Note: Although Oregon has historically been among the top in it’s highest income tax rates, state income tax rate data faces delay in aggregation by finance monitor organizations and ratings may change by minimal margins throughout the year.  Sources Oregon Blue Book, Tax Foundation, Bankrate