Rep. Matt Wingard: One local government bill dies

As highlighted by The Oregonian today…

“State Rep. Matt Wingard, a Republican who represents District 26, wonders why Oregonians have to deal with more than one level of local government.His constituents who live in Wilsonville and Sherwood, for example, are governed by their cities, by Clackamas County and Washington County, respectively, and by Metro. Three levels. “It just doesn’t seem necessary,” Wingard said. So he co-sponsored a bill to create a task force to study what it would take to consolidate local government. Specifically, the task force would “Study the benefits and drawbacks of changing the state Constitution and state law so that every Oregonian is represented by only one local government.”… As it turned out, Wingard’s bill got left at the station. It did not meet last week’s deadline to be scheduled for a work session, so will not receive further consideration this year. “