Looking beyond the hype surrounding the Silverton Mayor

By Rupert from Springfield,

Recently I have had cause for major embarrassment. The election of the nations first transgender mayor, Stu Rasmussen of Silverton. Now, shocker of shockers, ABC is apparently exploring doing a reality show based upon this small town mayor. So what is to be embarrassed about? A transgender mayor here in Oregon? The “twins” ( Stu’s reference to certain surgery he has had )? The fact that reality shows are still an ongoing American phenomenon? No, my embarrassment is over the comments to news stories I have seen in the weeks following Stu’s election. I know this man (Stu does go by his male name, so I refer to him as him) and while I count him more as an acquaintance than a close friend, I know him to be a decent person who loves the small town he lives in.

Those who claim to be so upset about the left preaching to them about how to live their lives should maybe take a moment to think about how we act in our own lives. Truly the test of a libertarian comes not with his criticism of others involvement in his life, but when he can resist the temptation do the same.

To come to a libertarian view from a moral perspective makes perfect sense. However to denigrate others, when their decisions bring happiness to them and are of no consequence to you destroys any moral validity to your argument.

I was proud when Stu won the election, the fact that a man could love his town so much that he could win as a transgendered male really shows his commitment. It also made me proud that people could clearly judge him on his merits. I would like to think that he could be judged on his ideas, and not on his pursuit of happiness, by the rest of us. I know this is a difficult topic for most, the vast majority have never knowingly interacted with a transgendered person. However if there was ever a decision that brought happiness to one, without consequence to another, this is it. We should react to it on that basis, for to act otherwise, or in a disparaging manner, does nothing to advance our argument, and everything to destroy our moral validity.