Dems not getting it done on PERS reform


by NW Spotlight

Two major newspaper editorials in two days have hit on the lack of real PERS reform coming out of the Democrat-controlled Oregon Legislature. Yesterday the Oregonian editorial board wrote that the Democrats’ proposed PERS reform was “about as bold as khaki pants.” Today a Eugene Register-Guard editorial called the Democrats tepid approach to PERS reform “a disappointment.”

Last fall someone who had been a lifelong Democrat wrote an opinion piece for the Hillsboro Argus. In it, he said that because public employee unions have “proved a willingness to punish Democratic candidates who don’t adopt their agenda,” he advised voting Republican in 2012 to send a message to the Democratic Party “that PERS reform, tax reform, and fully funding education have to go hand in hand.” Voters made a different choice in 2012. They’ll have another chance next year, in 2014.

Until then, here’s what you can do to demand action on PERS reform.