Scappoose reduces fees! Leads the way.

Council votes to waive business license fee and reduce development fees.
From Mayor Scott Burge,

Recognizing the effects the economy is having on the city of Scappoose, the Scappoose City Council last night moved to encourage business and development inside the city by reducing SDC charges and development fees. The city is also allowing local business owners to keep more of their hard earned money by waiving business license fees for businesses based in Scappoose for 2010. “By reducing fee’s we hope to encourage industrial and commercial development and the creation of local jobs,” said Mayor Scott Burge. “Fifty percent of something is better than one-hundred percent of nothing.”

Resolution No. 09-04 reduces by fifty percent Transportation and Sewer Systems Development Charges for any private development inside of Scappoose ofthe fiscal year 2009-2010, Reduces building department and planning fees by twenty-five percent as an added incentive for industrial and commercial developments. The resolution will also waive business license fees for businesses based inside of Scappoose for the 2010 calendar year and reduce liquor fees by fifty percent of 2010.

“Hard working business owners can better spend their money to stimulate the economy than the city,” continued Burge. “And we should do everything we can to encourage economic activity.”

The Scappoose City Council number one priority in the coming years is economic development. “The city of Scappoose is open for business,” Burge said.