Executive Club: Will Oregon do a big prison release?

executive-clubSpeaker: Steve Doell, Crime Victims United
Oregon Executive Club
Wed., April 3rd, 6:00PM

Portland Airport Shilo Inn
11707 Northeast Airport Way
~ Bring a friend! ~ $20 buffet option


There was a time in Oregon when a felon convicted of murder and given a life sentence was released from prison in less than 8 years!  And a rapist sentenced to 10 years was out in 2 years!  Then came Measure 11. The citizens did what the politicians wouldn’t do and overwhelming passed mandatory prison sentences for violent crime.  In less than 3 years, Oregon went from having the highest violent crime rate in the western states to having the lowest.  But now the politicians, including some Republicans, want to water down Measure 11 saying incarceration costs are too high.

They say we put too many criminals in prison…

They say prison space is being taken up by pot smokers…

They say we should release criminals and counsel them in community programs.

This will be an enlightening Executive Club meeting as Steve Doell, director of the aptly named Truth in Sentencing Project will reveal the real facts and name the politicians trying to return us to the days of having violent criminals running amok.

Steve will also reveal the politics behind the government’s way of gathering their “facts”.

You’ll be astounded at how politics plays into the funding of protecting society from violent criminals.