Oregonian Circulation Plummets

Latest circulation numbers have just been released. The Oregonian has lost 11.76% of its circulation for the six months ending March, 2009, compared to the same period ending in March 2008. This is a serious wake-up call for all who want to help save the Oregonian. It now has a circulation of just 268,512, which is only 12% of the Portland Metro population. This is a devastating delcine and there is little time to act.

As previously posted, here is how we can all help save the Oregonian:

1. Quit reading the paper online. We must all call and order home delivery. The Oregonian can’t stay in business if they give all their news away for free, so we must pay for it. Get rid of your Oregonlive bookmarks now. Call today and order the paper. It only costs $13.95 each month. That’s only two and one half mochas at Starbucks. It’s not much to pay to stay informed.

2. Quit advertising on Craig’s List and use the Oregonian classifieds for all your ads. The Oregonian can’t stay in business if no one places any ads with them. They really don’t cost that much and should be pretty effective if everyone does number one above.

3. Support legislation that would bail out the newspapers by giving them taxpayer funds and allowing them to operate as non-profits (this makes sense, because they are already non-profit). There is no reason a paper should have to make money. It would not cost much for all of us to chip in, through our taxes, to save this grand old dame of print news. Reporters have to make a living wage, and unless everyone does numbers 1 and 2 above the Oregonian will not have enough money to pay the reporters. If our taxes helped with this burden, then the Oregonian could be saved. Washington just passed a 40% tax relief bill to help its struggling newspapers through 2015. Can’t Oregon do the same? We sure could!

4. Support legislation that eases logging in Oregon. What do you think newsprint is made from? That’s right, wood. And to get wood we have to cut down some trees. Trees are like corn or cotton or any other crop. They grow and we harvest them. But, some silly environmentalists have convinced our week-kneed politicians that our forests need protecting, which has increased the cost of newsprint. Without an abundant source of cheap newsprint, the Oregonian will go under. Support easing of logging now. Donate any wood you may have on private property. It could be tax deductible if we can get number 3 above put into law.

5. Send the Oregonian some money. What do Oregonians do when they see someone in need? They give and they give freely. Why should this situation be any different? If we all simply sent in what we could afford, be it $25 or $500,000, the Oregonian could stay in business. Oregonians are known for their generosity. Let’s help those who need the most help right now — the staff and owners of the Oregonian. They may be too proud to ask us directly, but we know they need the help and we must not let them down now. Give and give often. Donations can be sent to The Oregonian, 1320 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon.