Video: Lawmakers says pay union wages or leave Oregon

State Rep. Kevin Cameron speaks against forcing prevailing (union) wages laws on enterprise zones. The Chair disagrees and says that companies that do not pay such wages should “go somewhere else”

more Details below:On April 24, the House Business and Labor Committee debated HB 2429-the bill forcing businesses operating under Oregon’s enterprise zone program to pay inflated “prevailing” wages on privately-financed projects. Currently, the state’s “Little Davis Bacon Act” applies primarily to public projects under government contract. The enterprise zone program provides incentives to businesses that operate and expand in economically-distressed communities.

Republicans share the concerns of Oregon’s chambers of commerce and businesses that this bill could harm the state’s ability to attract investment and create and retain jobs. In this clip, Rep. Kevin Cameron (R-Salem) warned that HB 2429 would send the message that Oregon is closed for business. In response, the Democratic Chair of the committee suggested that if businesses don’t pay the inflated wages, they can “go somewhere else.”

From Oregon Republican Office: