Souter may exit, Eugene mayor at pot rally, House passes minority mandate

1. NPR reporting that Justice Souter may step down from the US Supreme Court.
2. The Statesman Journal reports that Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy plans to speak at a local pot rally
3. Oregonian reports: Oregon House passes big college coach hiring bill which mandates minority interviews.

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  • dan

    damn right someone stands up for marijuana

    this is such crap that any politician that happens to bring the issue up is ostracized as a pothead

    get over it.

    almost everyone does it or has tried it and many people can function perfectly in thier lives and smoke a doobie once and awhile.

    end prohibition now!

  • Joe

    Notre Dame can tell you how well it works to hire minority coaches just because they are a minority.

  • dian

    Maybe they should legalize marijuana. Just look at all the money the state could get by taxing it. It would be a legal product then and open to whatever they want todo. It will give them a whole new HEALTH issue to go after.

    • Eric

      Even if they didn’t tax it, just look at how much money they’ll save by not having to enforce anti-marijuana laws.

      • dian

        Sure and they wouldn’t have to worry about losing their supply either. And now the state wants to grow it any way, why not just move all restraint. Just think about it, the doors that would open.

  • Robin Right Pennbird

    MJ, African Rue, camelthorn, giant hogweed, goat’s rue, hawkweeds, kudzu, matgrass, Syrian bean-caper, etc. – beat it! None of dis ***t weeds be good for Ecotopians despite what the so-wasteds say.

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