Lars Larson on Air Force One Panic Op

They say the President is livid about it, and he ought to be.

Air Force One, or at least its back up twin, flew low over New York City. Apparently it was with the knowledge of the city officials in New York, but without them having permission to tell anybody about it.

Who in the White House thought that this would not scare the daylights out of the people in New York City? A large airplane, a 747, flying low over the city with two fighter jets in close pursuit. Even if you could recognize it was Air Force One.

Does anybody really buy the story that this was all about taking some pretty pictures, some new publicity beauty shots? Was it really about something else? Something they couldn’t talk about.

Why all the secrecy? None of that makes any sense. But, they say Barack Obama is mad about it, and you know he’s going to get kid-glove treatment from the mainstream media.

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