Rep. Parrish disappointed by reduction for veterans

Rep. Julie Parrish

SALEM, OR – Rep. Julie Parrish (R – West Linn), chief sponsor of HJR 29, issued the following statement in response to the adopted amendment to the Oregon Veteran’s Lottery Bill that reduced the proposed percentage of Oregon Lottery dollars dedicated to veterans’ programs from five percent to one percent:

“I am very disappointed in the decision by the House Democratic leadership that forced a reduction in proposed funding for veteran’s services in HJR 29. This was proposed despite overwhelming bi-partisan support for the original bill, with 60 legislators as sponsors. The amendment came with no bipartisan negotiation at all. What message does this send our veterans? It says we care more about fish and parks than about soldiers. I appreciate that Chair Matthews was in the difficult position of having to support the demands of his leadership instead of being able to support the original bill. I appreciate his efforts to get us this far.”

Rep. Parrish and Clackamas County Commissioner Martha Schrader are still collecting signatures to put a companion measure on the ballot and give Oregonians the choice of how much funding to care for veterans who have served our state and country. To learn more search “Keeping Our Promise” on Facebook.