Senate passes bill ending state investment in Iran

Press release from Senator Brian Boquist

3,200 Oregon Guardsmen headed to fight Iranian-supported insurgents

Salem, OR — The Senate passed Senate Bill 633 Tuesday morning, a bill that would stop the investment of state resources in the country of Iran, one of the worlds most tyrannical and feared nations. Iran aids and abets the enemies of the United States, is guilty of numerous humanitarian violations and has been a recognized state sponsor of terror since 1984. The bill passed 27 to 3, with Senators Metsger, Burdick and Carter voting against the bill.

One hundred and fourteen Oregonians have been killed in action in Iraq and more than 497 have been wounded.

“There are Oregonians today who have lost their father, their husband, their mother, their wife, their son, their daughter because of Iranian intervention in Iraq,” said Boquist. “We are sending thousands of Oregon’s bravest into harms way and both the substance and the symbol of state government investing in Iran is just wrong.”
The United States Department of State has listed Iran as a state sponsor of terror since 1984. The federal government has a policy banning investment of federal money in Iran or companies controlled by the government of Iran. Among the reasons for removing Oregon investments from Iran:
“¢ Iran supplies insurgents attacking American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, including attacks that have maimed and killed members of the Oregon National Guard.
“¢ Iran sanctions the use of horrific methods of torture on their citizens, including mutilation, slow hanging and stoning. 60 Minutes recently did a gripping profile on torture in Iran.
“¢ Iran is a source, transit, and destination country for women trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation and involuntary servitude.

“Hundreds of Oregon Guardsmen have been maimed and killed by roadside bombs originating in Iran,” said Senator Jason Atkinson (R-Central Point) who sponsored the bill along with Senator Brian Boquist (R-Dallas). “This bill is a statement about patriotism, about the sacrifices of our armed forces, and standing together against the enemies of our sons and daughters in uniform.”

“It is disappointing that we didn’t pass this bill unanimously and send a message of strength and solidarity to our troops who are right now heading towards danger in Iraq,” said Boquist.

Twelve other states have passed legislation banning investment of state funds in Iran. The bill now moves to the House for consideration.