NY Times: Governor Kulongoski says stop buying

Governor Kulongoski was featured in the New York Times and consequently the Drudge Report for what the newspaper says of Kulongoski’s points “Americans will need to scale back their consumerism because it is harming the environment.” and the need to change our lifestyle. By that logic, why doesn’t Kulongoski reverse his praise for Obama’s $700 billion stimulus projects?

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  • Anonymous

    I knew Ted was a tool of the unions, but I didn’t know he was quite this big a tool in his own right.

  • UB

    Kulongoski is a carbuncle head and should be recalled.

    Alas, that won’t happen because Oregonian’s are well familiar with the drill: The DNC’s progressive and the RNC’snot.

    Gore figure!

  • Bob Clark

    I wish I could say Kookongoski was an outlier but this reminds me of some of the methodist minister speeches I’ve heard lately. It goes something like: We Americans should feel guilty for consuming 20% or more of worlds resources. Too which I always think: What hogwash. Most of us work our rears off to bring forth these resources. These resources wouldn’t exist without our hard work, skills, and entrepreneurship.

    I guess guilt sells well in Oregon, exceptin amongst the conservative minority.

  • Paper or Plastic?

    I read the article, Ted sounded like a blithering idiot; Oregon should be proud…

    • Known it all along

      *”sounded like a blithering idiot”*


      He *IS* a blithering idiot…!

  • John in Oregon

    This is a most amazing story. Stepping back for a longer view. Ted Kulongoski believes Americans will need to scale back their consumerism. Its almost possible to glimpse a glimmer of fiscal sanity, you can’t spend your way to prosperity.

    A moment dashed by the reality of rampant Oregon State spending.

    Then the voice of the doomsayer we are trashing the planet. The air is bad, the water worse. The planet’s species are dying off. Washing away the topsoil. Paving over our farmlands. Systematically deforesting our wildernesses. Decimating the biota, and ultimately killing ourselves.

    Never mind the screech of doom is false. Wealth and resources are created by free people.

    “Every issue we raise about energy — and I go down the line:”
    Nuclear *NO*
    ANWR *NO*
    Offshore drilling *NO*
    L.N.G. *NO*
    Coal *NO*
    Hidro *NO*
    Wind *NO*
    Solar *NO*
    Tide *NO*
    Geothermal *NO*
    “How am I to get to where we want to go and make the transition if everything is taken off the table?”

    have companion for the Governor and all those competing screeching voices.

    Meanwhile the Starship Oregon is in a power dive to fiscal collapse. More power Scotty. She won’t hold together captain. Now Scotty. Full spending Scotty. Full spending.

  • Jerry

    But wait, because of Ted I put a deposit on a Chinese electic car. Should I cancel now??
    What is going on?
    I am so confused.
    Very upset.
    I try to do what he tells me and then I end up having to undo what he told me to do so I can do what he wants me to do.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see his VISA bill…

  • veiledorchid

    The idiot is a true and certified embarrassment to himself and the whole state. And yet, there’s no outrage. Pathetic.

  • Jerry

    Peter principal in full effect!!!!

  • Bluesman

    Such Leadership! I reeeally proud of this guy! Fits right in with most of the the current legislative leadership and their priorities. So retrench back to your caves, tents and log cabins. Get a mule, walk, ship a meal, forget sanitation, etc. Those mercury filled light bulbs from China will save us from over taxing the grid. Leaving juice for the electric cars also filled with lead batteries and other nasty stuff.
    Does anyone at the “higher” levels of government read comments such as mine and the many others here? Would they get a clue?

  • John

    Hey, since there are 47 Oregon citizens currently employed in our state, Ted has nothing to worry about. Out of work citizens are not buying anything, so our environment is saved.

    We can thank this moronic governor, and many other previous governors, and our lawmakers for saving the Oregon environment at the expense of our jobs.

    Soon all the unemployed will relocate to other states THAT ACTUALLY CREATES JOBS and then Ted and his environmentalist buddies can run through the green fields that once were neighborhoods and cities.

  • John in Oregon

    I have to step up here and defend Governor Kulongoski on one point. Something he said is both remarkable and courageous.

    I have provided the information that the Federal Cap and Trade Tax pushes energy levels back to 1895-1905 levels. The Oregon Cap Tax does the same thing although the numbers are slightly different.

    The progressive response is John, you are wrong we will use alternate energy.

    Here is Governor Kulongoski’s quote in the New York Times.

    Speaking about the various energy sources Governor Kulongoski said “Every issue we raise about energy — and I go down the line…. How am I to get to where we want to go and make the transition if everything is taken off the table?”

    Governor Kulongoski is absolutely correct. Everything is off the table. Everything except a draconian slash of energy.

    If Kulongoski is wrong. If I am wrong. *Then where is the energy going to come from? Where exactly?*

    • che’s ghost

      ” I have provided the information that the Federal Cap and Trade Tax pushes energy levels back to 1895-1905 levels.”

      Maybe so, but that doesn’t make that information factual. It would be factual to say cap and trade is intended to gradually reduce carbon emissions to levels that might reflect those of 1895-1905. If for example, CO2 from coal burning power plants is sequestered, we could burn just as much or more coal as we do today. We could also increase energy consumption from non carbon-based fuels.

      So in response, we will get “new energy” from these sources:
      1: conservation (i.e. increasing use of insulation, more efficient personal vehicles)
      2: biofuels
      3: wind
      4: tides & waves
      5: solar
      6: geothermal
      7: nuclear power (maybe)
      8: continued coal use if sequestration becomes technically & economically feasible
      9: Lifestyle changes (buying more locally)
      10: Other means not yet thought up (but we are an inventive species when given the right incentives)

    • John in Oregon

      > *Maybe so, but that doesn’t make that information factual.*

      Feel free to calculate your self. Its easy. Just take the base line year, and look up the total US (or State) energy consumption for that year. Multiply by the proposed draconian cut. Look up the year when consumption was that low.

      Its easy. You don’t even have to calculate energy from dams like Bonneville. Under all of these proposals water power is Carbon based.

      > *We could also increase energy consumption from non carbon-based fuels.*

      What non carbon fules?

      > *So in response, we will get “new energy” from;*

      *O* conservation — That’s not new energy

      *O* biofuels — The California Air Resources Board has determined biofuels have a larger carbon footprint than crude oil.

      *O* wind — Wind can not provide base load.

      *O* geothermal — Geothermal is off the table in Oregon.

      *O* solar — Solar can not provide base load.

      *O* tides & waves — Off the table in Oregon.

      *O* nuclear power — Off the table in Oregon. As of this week has been eliminated by Washington DC.

      *O* coal CO2 sequestered — Congress eliminated that program.

      *O* Lifestyle changes — BINGO, go back to 1905 and ride your horse to work. Ohh wait, no can do, horse farts!

      *O* Other means not yet thought up — Way cooooool. The last minute magic solution, like cold fusion. Lets bet on that.

      What was it Governor Kulongoski said? “Everything is off the table.”

      • che’s ghost

        Why non-carbon fuels? It has to do with CO2 in the atmosphere. You must have read about this somewhere no?

        Correct. Conservation is not “new energy.” Nevertheless, it allows for less energy use with little or no loss in convenience.

        Depends on the biofuel. It’s probably true for corn based ethanol. Probably not for rapeseed diesel and sugar cane ethanol. Definitely not for forest brush and switchgrass.

        Wind does not need to provide a base load. It can provide a significant supplimental load.

        Geothermal is not “off the table” in Oregon. Where do you get that?

        Solar, combined with batteries, can provide 100% of a households electricity, but at a high cost. I have a friend with a home in southern oregon, far off the grid, who uses only solar for his electrical needs. has a battery pak in a closet to cary him over the cloudy days and evenings.

        Tides and waves are not “off the table.” again, where do you get this from? Yes there will be some opposition. It won;t be fatal.

        Nuclear may be off the table in Oregon for now. That does not mean it will remain so. Policy decisions can change.

        No one eliminated sequestration. If cap and trade passes, a lot of research money will go into sequestration. Much will be private capital, much will be public.

        Lifestyle changes as in: working from home, living closer to work, using public transportation, cycling, driving more fuel efficient vehicles. Humans are somewhat adaptable John.

        Yes…new things not yet on the market. Do you really think the only energy options we will have 20 years from now are those we have today? And you call yourself an engineer?

        • Rob

          Gov. Ted OMG! Don’t worry Teddy we have already stopped consuming. We have no jobs, you raise taxes and fees. Cabon Footprint and climate change BS. Obama and Gov. Teddy are Lemmings in Charge. 93% of co2 comes from the oceans! What effect does man actually have on our climate? Nearly zilch! Do some research folks, don’t follow Al Gores LIC’s over the cliff. Dr. Nickolas Drapela of OSU and over 700 scientist speak the TRUTH. Cap & Trade is only a Tax that will enable the government to grow even larger. HELLO! Are there any free thinkers left?

  • Scottiebill

    Teddy the Clueless is telling us that we have to slow down on consuming. (Remember that Senator for about 10 or 12 years ago that got up on the Senate floor and said, “There’s a whole lot of consumin’ goin’ on out there.”)

    Back to Teddy the Clueless: Remember a couple of years ago he announced to the whole state that he and his wife were going to eat as the welfare recipients would and on just as much money? He quit after a couple of days with some lame excuse.

    Teddy should slink off into the obscurity that he deserves, and his obscurity is one which the people of Oregon desperately need.

  • Joe Jericho

    This guv sucks donkey balls. I fukin’ hate him.

    • KoolAidGoski manifests himself as a beslubbering fen-sucked jolt-head

      Hard to buy anything that Kulongoski sells. Like to see him recalled along with Sam Adams.

      And Joe-Jer, might you modify your bawdy-expletive delivery system – and, adjust to cussing like an Elizabethan, Lord Jarring Guts-gripping Vassal?

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