Obama strikes out on gun control

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by NW Spotlight

In January, President Obama introduced his anti-gun package – that included expanded background checks, an “assault weapons” ban, and a ban on high capacity magazines (more than 10 rounds).

Things haven’t gone very well for President Obama. His attempts to take away rights from law-abiding gun owners, while doing nothing to actually make our schools safer, have stalled out.

Attempts to ban “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines failed to gain support in the U.S. Senate back in March. Then today, in what The Hill is calling “a devastating blow to President Obama’s agenda to regulate guns,” the U.S. Senate rejected an expansion of background checks.

“Assault weapons” ban FAILEDstrike one

High capacity magazine ban FAILEDstrike two

Expanded background checks FAILEDstrike three!

The Hill notes “The Senate’s failure to expand background checks means the three pillars of Obama’s gun control agenda have stalled.” President Obama’s failure on his misguided attempts to restrict gun rights is all the more devastating because he has expended so much political capital on his anti-gun agenda.


Gun control: President Obama’s biggest loss – Politico

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Senate shoots down background checks for guns, angers Obama – Washington Times
President Obama accused his opponents – said they “willfully lied”

President Obama may be confused about who lied – Fox News story from April 9th

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  • guest

    Case at that, just say d’oh to the personifacateur at bat.

  • JacklordGod

    The reason why Obamas message here failed is two fold:

    First – There was the devastating statistic that after years of claiming to have prevented all this crime by turning down tens of thousands of gun purchasers at the background check phase – it came out there had only been a dozen or so convictions last year.

    Second – Historical precedent. You had Baucus and Landrieu who were already in heap big trouble over their Obamacare vote facing re-election. That’s a real “strong headwind” as the administration likes to say. You slap on gun control and pretty soon the guys start remembering the Hindenburg of 1994, when Democrats lost the House largely over the assault weapons ban.

    So that’s why it failed in the Senate.

    But what about common sense gun control? Why couldn’t people agree on this?

    Well, for one you had the horrible precedent of the NY law. People knew background checks could only be enforced via de facto registration. People wouldn’t have been so worried about that if NY hadn’t done the bonehead move of proving the NRA right, that the only purpose in registration is confiscation.

    How do we know there would have been de facto registration? Pretty simple really, you cant enforce mandatory background checks for private purchases without it. You also had the precedent of the Obama administration repeatedly flouting the law on record keeping, such as with requiring gun dealers to report multiple purchases, something that is totally illegal for Obama to attempt to do. So Obama running around now claiming that gun registration was illegal under the proposed law carries no weight whatsoever. Everyone knew what this was about, and it wasn’t about bumping the number of convictions for bad background checks from 12 to a couple of dozen.

    The bottom line here is – if you support common sense gun control laws, then act with common sense. Don’t expect people to support new restrictions on their rights when those already in place, such as the current background check system, appear to have been utilized for nothing other than to harass legitimate gun owners. You got a dozen convictions under a law in a year and now you are claiming extending that law is somehow going to be meaningful?

    Come on, that’s just not common sense.

  • Bottom line Mr. President, the people spoke and the Senators listened.

  • Granola girl

    Maybe now we can start a conversation about mental health issues, extremely violent video games, and Hollywood glorifying killing. Just sayin…

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