Boston bombing connection to Salem-Keizer schools

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The two suspects in the Boston Marathon terrorist attack have been killed or captured. They were brothers, and have been identified as ethnic Chechens and Muslim – the older brother a devout Muslim.

Back in 2004, Chechen terrorists murdered 338 people in a siege at a school in Beslan, Russia – and half of the murdered were children. Russian security sources said the Chechen terrorists had al Qaeda backing. CBS reported back in 2004 “The Arab presence among the attackers would support Putin’s contention that al Qaeda terrorists were deeply involved in the Chechen conflict, where Muslim fighters have been battling Russian forces in a brutal war of independence on and off for more than a decade.”

Concerned about that attack on a school, the FBI notified schools in 2004 in as many as eight U.S. cities that American forces in Iraq had found a computer disc that contained photos, floor plans and other information about their schools. The other information included how the schools prepared to respond to a crisis. One of the schools was the Salem-Keizer school district. The FBI advised the schools to tighten their security.

Boston Marathon bombing victims

Victims killed in Boston Marathon bombing

What the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon this week showed was that there are still monsters who deliberately target innocent men, women and children. Monsters who placed a bomb right behind an eight-year-old boy in Boston, monsters who murdered 11 athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, and monsters who murdered nearly 170 school children in Beslan, Russia in 2004. Monsters who make it where we always have to be extra-vigilant to protect innocent men, women and children at sporting events, schools or anywhere else they might become targets.

Please click here to learn more about the victims killed in the Boston Marathon bombing.

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  • Lift where you stand

    Chechen Muslim Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s background had been checked.

    Bottom line, there’s more to fret or panic about than knee jerking against 2nd Amendment Rights and the NRA.

    How about the jihad against US by Al-Queda insurgents operating taliban style whenever and wherever possible and uniformly assembled under such banners flying from platforms such as al-Qaeda to https://en, including the Muslim Brotherhood – lo, even south of the border cells like La Raza, MECha and Latino Kings; Such bringing to the fore a whole lot of radicals to abhor.

    GBA and lest we forget the past and not seeing what enemies of US have in store for US: “If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, than we will be a nation gone under.” – POTUS #40

  • JacklordGod

    Our schools now are what post offices were in the mid 80’s to mid 90’s. Targets of opportunity. Our response has been resolute and uniform. Virtually without exception schools have been declared gun free zones and efforts continue to disallow concealed carry permit holders to carry firearms on campus. Has this worked? Not one whit. Will such strategies continue? Very likely yes.

    The interesting aspect of this is that it has, in a manner of speaking brought faith based education into the school system. Based upon a faith that banning guns from schools keeps them safer, despite zero evidence to support the contention we continue apace. A change in policy? doubtful, as this faith based system argues that, again despite zero evidence to support it, that if we do not believe, if we do not have faith, things will be even worse.

    Essentially its the old argument – I have no evidence to support my belief system, but if you don’t believe, you are going to hell and that’s a fact.

    Who says liberals are Godless?

    • 3H

      “Who says liberals are Godless?

      Pretty much only conservatives. 😉

      • Ballistic45

        3000+ Babies a Day killed in Liberal supported Abortions.. What started out to be legal Abortion for Rape, Incest and to save a mothers life has been turned into a method to deal with the “Inconveniences” of pregnancy and motherhood.. Over 90% of Women now get Abortions for the Inconvenience and or/cost of raising a baby OR the timing is not right and is an inconvenience.. Less than 10% is now for Rape, Incest, or to save the mothers life… A growing number of documented Gender Abortion is causing far more Girls to be Aborted… Yeah, Conservatives see the horrendous dismembering killings of Innocent life as Godless.. The question to be asked is why don’t Liberals?

        • 3H

          As you are no doubt aware, all sin is equally evil in the eyes of God. If you accept that basic premise, then anyone who sins is just as Godless. Are you Godless Ballistic?

          Lets not get carried away. While I’m guessing that most agnostics and atheists are liberal, most liberals are not Godless.

          • Ballistic45

            Godless and Sinless are not the same.. Go back to Sunday School.. All have sinned… Even those who seek and have found God…. But one becomes Godless when you knowingly and purposely fail to follow and work against his leadership in your life, IE Godless.. Same as having a Leader you fail to follow, and purposely sabotage that leadership, you then become, LEADERLESS… As mortals we all sin but if we are trying our best not to and look for Leadership in God to help us then we are not Godless but are sinful…

    • Ballistic45

      Todays schools are mostly run by Liberals, teachers, unions and administrators… It is they who thump their chest, blow snot, drag their knuckles on the ground, rattling trees any time anyone mentions prayer, sexual abstinence, Bible, Christianity, anything other than the big bang theory…. It is these same people who put our kids at risk by putting them in a “GUN FREE ZONE” at many schools without providing ENOUGH security to assure that NO ONE ENTERS ARMED and have the resources to stop a Mass Killer… Liberals have in effect provided Mass Killers with a shooting gallery of our kids as targets without meaningful protection… I believe the under lying reason is to provide a continual Body count to be held up as reason for ever increasing gun-grabbing legislation.. How can I back up this view? Out of all the BS from the Main Stream Media, and Politicians, NO ONE has sponsored a BILL to make anyone or any group of people who institute a ‘Gun Free Zone” LIABLE for the protection of those inside it by providing security to assure everyone who enters is disarmed and the ability to disarm those who would try to so harm… “Gun Free Zones” is a liberals Crisis in the making to provide a “KILLING FIELD” for Mass Killers who LOOK FOR THEM… Government demands many “Gun Free Zones” the difference is that they provide HEAVILY ARMED Personnel to protect those inside.. Not so at Theatres, Schools and other public and private establishments.. In these zones you can only hide or protect others by throwing your body at the bullets…

  • Ballistic45

    It is time to take the Gloves OFF on Liberals and their buddies, the Muslims… This Politically Correct CRAP has got to stop about Terrorism…

    Terrorism is Terrorism, and those who practice it are TERRORIST…

    ALL MUSLIMS, even those in America HAVE to Pay ZAKAT (Islamic Tithe), 1/8th of which goes DIRECTLY to support the militant arm of Islam…

    So even though a Muslim tells you how peace loving and tolerant they are and you see they don’t carry an AK-47 or have a bomb tied to their A$$, they financially support those who do…. WAKE UP PEOPLE…


    • 3H

      When you say, “take the gloves off”, exactly what do you mean? How have conservatives been holding back?

      • Pat Euey

        Yet another d’oh bawl by 3H.

        • 3H

          Questions make you uncomfortable? Clarity is to be despised?

          • Pat Euey

            Al Capp your question with this assessment, you seem a Senator Fogbound in redress.

      • Ballistic45

        To quit playing the Liberal game of “Politically Correct”, a long used Mind Control Modality used by Leftist for decades.. Used extensively by North Koreans with help of Communist Chinese and Russians during the Korean conflict… Our POW’s were used to refine the process..
        Read the History of PC, born post WWI.. Any Conservative playing the Political Correct Game is neutered, it’s that simple.. WAKE UP….

        • 3H

          So, you see Liberals as brain washers, and conservatives are simply trying to get to the truth?

          The political world in the United States is that black and white to you?

          What if it is not a game, but simply disagreement over policy?

          • Ballistic45

            Where did I say that? “Political Correctness” was born out of the Communist movement… As the Democratic Party has been taken over by “Progressives” the party has adopted many Communist tactics, why is that? Probably that post WWI Communist Think Tank that move to New York City to escape the rising power of Hitler in Germany, knew that continuing to call themselves Communist while trying to expand influence in the United States would prove difficult. Hence the name change to “Progressives”… All liberals are not progressives.. 3 groups make up the Democrat party, True Progressives (Communist), Wannabees, and those still thinking the Party is all about protecting the working Class, 50s style..

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