Boston bombing connection to Salem-Keizer schools

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The two suspects in the Boston Marathon terrorist attack have been killed or captured. They were brothers, and have been identified as ethnic Chechens and Muslim – the older brother a devout Muslim.

Back in 2004, Chechen terrorists murdered 338 people in a siege at a school in Beslan, Russia – and half of the murdered were children. Russian security sources said the Chechen terrorists had al Qaeda backing. CBS reported back in 2004 “The Arab presence among the attackers would support Putin’s contention that al Qaeda terrorists were deeply involved in the Chechen conflict, where Muslim fighters have been battling Russian forces in a brutal war of independence on and off for more than a decade.”

Concerned about that attack on a school, the FBI notified schools in 2004 in as many as eight U.S. cities that American forces in Iraq had found a computer disc that contained photos, floor plans and other information about their schools. The other information included how the schools prepared to respond to a crisis. One of the schools was the Salem-Keizer school district. The FBI advised the schools to tighten their security.

Boston Marathon bombing victims

Victims killed in Boston Marathon bombing

What the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon this week showed was that there are still monsters who deliberately target innocent men, women and children. Monsters who placed a bomb right behind an eight-year-old boy in Boston, monsters who murdered 11 athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, and monsters who murdered nearly 170 school children in Beslan, Russia in 2004. Monsters who make it where we always have to be extra-vigilant to protect innocent men, women and children at sporting events, schools or anywhere else they might become targets.

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